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Esperanto Hostel

Montanita, Ecuador

Good place. Close to the beach and a bit off from the bars so u have a chance to sleep. No airco.

Casa Agua Canela

Quito, Ecuador

I guess if the hostel would be full it would be very noise due to the squicking floors. But as i was lucky and there werent much ppl it was perfect

Princesa Maria

Banos, Ecuador

Victor was an amazing host. Didnt blink when i called at 4am in his door. Thanks a lot


Guayaquil, Ecuador

I felt like finding a home in a middle of my journey. Thank you guys.

Santa Mix Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I have stayed in the for a few days. It has a terrific atmosphere and great stuff. But climbing that mountain in +40C is no fun. Additionally one shower only. which is not enough. and terrible uncomfortable beds. More like hammocks than beds. Had back pain because of those

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Hi, thanks for the words. About the temperature, we wish we could control it :) We have 4 showers in the house. One direcly beside your room. Maybe it was a staffs fault at the checkin not to show you them all. About the matress. This is our top spot. You can see on many of our reviews. We got the most expensive ones in the market to assure our guests the best night of sleep. It´s even there on the hostel pictures. Are you sure you are not confusing us with another hostel?


not enough showers. do not accept cards. not enough sockets in the room. No place to hang the clothes for drying. i could open close my locker without the key. No personal/small lights so if someone is leaving in the middle of the night he/she switches the light for the whole room. additional mattress on the floor does not quite count as bed (plus there was a high chance that i will step on the person sleeping there as there were no much space to avoid it) However, good breakfast/lunch and stuff

Albergaria Hostel

Fortaleza, Brazil

stuff was pretty bad with exception of Larissa. she was the only helpful person on the hostel. the rest did not even speak any english. i was not told basic things like there was a breakfast or how to get anywhere or book anything. cleaness was also not so terrific. wifi on the highest floor was constantly out

Discovery Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

very well thought through accomodations. sockets and personal light per bed were very convenient. good breakfast and very close to the metro. the only issue i would have had if i had to sleep on the third level of the bed (yes they have three floor beds) i think it quite high and scary

Kokopelli Hostel Paracas

Paracas, Peru

i stayed first in private room with shower which was superb. then private room shared shower. this room was small and less clean. the last room was private with shower. it wasnt clean at all. wifi worked quite bad. but i had a terrific time in the hostel. great stuff. great atmosphere. free kayaks. exit to the beach. and cheap drinks) also lima kokopelli let me use their shower and facilities for free when i passed by afterwords on the way to the airport

Hostal Sol de Oro

Arequipa, Peru

No customer comment

Huchuy Wasi Hostal

Puno, Peru

not too far from the center and market. the best breakfast i had in peru and super nice stuff. front door is closed at night which poses a thread to late night smoking. no commin areas so you dont meet fellow travelers

Intro Hostels Cusco

Cusco, Peru

rooms were quite cold. and beds were not really comfortable. kitchen was not equipted enough and to get an utensile you have to ask every time. but stuff is without reproach. great guys. you can leave yr stuff while travelling to machu picchu. supermarket is close by as well as laundry services.