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the staff were awesome helped me with every question i have asked ! they speak english also. free caipirinha each evening, great company, went to a club with people from the hostel- great party !!! i felt very comfortable there highly recommended ! Andres the bartender in the boss !

Hostel Carioca

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

th atmosphere is pretty good, the owner is very nice, speak spanish. but i was in a room with 13 more people nd the inernet worked vry slowly.

HI Hostel Chapada - Lencois

Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

i had a wondrful time at lencois partically and in the hostel as well. Claudia is an spanish speaker hlped me with everything (where is the bank, coffee internet restaurants and of course good avtivities( the brakfast there is delicious !! good rlaxing room ! i enjoyed the hostl a lot !

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Hello Porat, we are here to make sure you get the most out of your stay. We thank you for your kindness and positive energy. Hope you keep having fun along your journey. Obrigado, Juan

Fusion Guesthouse

Salvador, Brazil

it was very hard to find the hostel (the taxi driver havent even known this place), when i came the owner havent been and the man who was replacing him was hooked up, the building is is complicated and unconvenient, there was no electricity in my room !!

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Hey man if the driver don´t find the place, when they perceive that there is a idiot in their taxi, just stay running around, so the stupid pay more !it´s is our guilty, its is not our problem, i think that you have problem in your mind, i think that no other guest wrote that we don´t have eletricity, if you are robbed on teh street and use this Chanel, to write what is not true, paying R $18 , for sure you should goo to sleep on the street.

Baluch Backpackers Hostel

Cordoba, Argentina

the hostel is awesome !! the staff diego and gal taking care of everything you can ask them question about anything and they will help. celebrated there the NYE and it was very fun ! highly recommended !