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Lisbon Poets Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Great location. Staffs were very helpful and friendly. Kitchen for cooking is very nice and clean. Had a good time and would recommend this place.

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Hello William, Thank you for taking the time to review us. Hope you can come back!

HI - Lagos Youth Hostel

Lagos, Portugal

What made this hostel fun was the diverse people I met and interacted with at night! We would all just hang out at the center of the hostel where all the chairs and tables are, eat and drink together. Great atmosphere. Even the receptionists would hang out with us when off duty (unofficial pub crawl!). Shout out to all of them especially George. Wished there was wifi in the rooms though.


Not really a youth hostel especially if you are in your 20s. Huge age range from middle school to people in their 30s (very shady and disrespectful). Meeting new friends is a problem esp as a solo traveller. No wifi in rooms. Breakfast is ok. Cheapest laundry services ive seen though! Close to the main train station. Would not go again.

Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

I had a great time. Have organized events for daytime and nighttime. Met lots of new people. Very friendly atmosphere. Did their tapas experience on thursday nights. Unlimited food and sangria for 7.50 euros. Highly recommend. Wish location was closer to the center though.


Only was here one night. Not a great location. Mix of young and old folks. Wasnt much socializing at night. Also have to be quiet after a certain time. As a solo traveller, wouldnt come here again

Milan Friend's Hostel

Milan, Italy

One sentence really sums it up: Do not go to this hostel! While at the lounge, I heard two women complain to the staff about someone breaking into their room and go through their stuff. Coincidentally, when I went up (just after 2 hrs of checking in), part of my zipper that I locked w/ a padlock was burned off. Fortunately, nothing was taken. Also couldn't go to sleep that well because of bugs. Got lots of bug bites next day. Also, staff barely knows any english. Far away from city center.

PLUS Camping Jolly

Venice, Italy

Got a cabin with its own bathroom. Fairly small for three people but relatively comfortable. Receptionists were helpful. Far from venice. Not recommended for solo travellers looking to make new friends


Porbably worst of the wombats in terms of location. However, the rooms were very nice witha private bathroom in each 4person room. Complimentary drink was nice too. Also, take advantage that there's other wombat hostels around. Make them your rest stops ;)

Hostel Prague Tyn

Prague, Czech Republic

Had a great time in prague and being in this hostel helped. Made new friends here and staff was very helpful and friendly. Make sure to pick up a free sandwich everyday! Great location.


Great hostel if you dont plan to go out at night since all the good clubs are in the east side of town (30 minaway). Not a youth hostel and seems hard to make friends especially when travelling alone. Mix of travelling ages. Very clean though and i really like the rooms. Spacious. Good supermarket near bu. Easy access to train to get to city center.

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Right next to the red light district. Disappointed that they dont provide seconds for hot breakfast (decent). Not the place to be if you want to meet new ppl to go out. Nevertheless, i personally made a good friend. Mixed bag in terms of age. Very strict in terms of security.

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Sorry you missed the free extra breakfast. It's always possible to get more bread, jam and juice for free.


Besides having to walk to the metro and being 49min away from the center, hostel was amazing. Really clean. Korean dinner different every night and was amazingly good. Small community very frendly. Loved it. Would recommend it.

Dover Castle Hostel and Bar

London, England

Breakfast was cereal and toast. Bar was fun. Get to meet locals. Black receptionist (hope you read this) is not friendly at all and should lighten up. The rest of the staff also is nowhere to be seen since their office is in a basemt. Wouldnt want to go there again. Bathroom could be crowded especially in the morning

Dover Castle Hostel and Bar

London, England

Staff sucks. Dont really see them since they re in a basement but when you do they are not helpful and very rude. Looking at you, black dude receptionist. Breakfast is alright and the bar at night can be filled with locals, which is cool.

KEX Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

Thought it was ridiculous that they charged for linen. Good location. Didnt find ppl that friendly overall because of its big size.

Rainbow Lodge HK

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Had a lot of fun. Small hostel so you get to meet new ppl especially solo travellers. Would recommend this place. Great location too.

Rainbow Lodge HK

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Great location especially for young folks travelling alone. Word of advice: be friendly and introduce yourselves if you see someone new. Makes the atmosphere even better!!

Seaview Guesthouse

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Apple the person in charge was great. Dirty and unclean. They clean your sheets everyday though. Lockers are small and dirty. Wont fit a laptop. Atmosphere not very friendly. Age range varies a lot. Security is adequate due to having a passcode to get in.