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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 22

Good hostel. Fairly slow internet though and the breakfast is just bread and disappears quickly. A good hostel, just nothing really great about it.

Garden House Hostel

Porto, Portugal

An alright hostel just nothing great about it, except maybe the location, which is fairly perfect. The breakfast is bread and the common spaces (kitchen and chill room) felt very small for the amount of people staying there. But the price was good and the staff were friendly. In all I would probably try another place if I went back to Porto but it was still an alright hostel.

Travellers House

Lisbon, Portugal

Exceptional Hostel. The staff is incredibly friendly and fun. The nightly organized activities are a blast. The breakfast is eggs and bacon or chocolate pancakes. In summary it has a really great atmosphere, an awesome location and unbelievable staff. One of the best hostel experiences I've had, I highly recommend Travellers House.

Hostel Freedom Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

These hostels are all kind of difficult to find, there aren't even really signs above the doors. I ended up staying in three different ones during my time in Marrakech and they all felt sort of the same. I'd suggest just choosing the least expensive option.

Cordial House Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Good hostel, cheap for Istanbul. It was like packed for some sort of conference of something while I was there so it was hard to get a feel for the normal atmosphere. They had ping pong but it cost per hour and the wifi didn't work in the rooms. I'd probably stay somewhere else if I was staying in Istanbul for longer than a night, but for just a night its very cheap.

Hostel Terra Vista

Goreme, Turkey

Great hostel, perfectly located behind/above the bus station. They booked all my tours for cheaper than any travel agency could. Also met a bunch of cool people there, really enjoyed hanging out in the cave common room. Breakfast is an actual cooked meal which is by no means a standard thing and their wifi was fast. As I said, great hostel.

The Midland Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

I was only here a night but the staff was great, very helpful with sightseeing and when I needed to print something and they were out of paper they quickly ran to the store for me. The hostel had a good feel to it too and it was very inexpensive. I would go back if I returned to Bucuresti.

Freeborn Hostel

Timisoara, Romania

The owner was traveling in southeast Asia and the manager was away in I think Slovenia so two Volunteers were left behind to run it, one of whom had been there before and had a good relationship with the owner but had still only been there three days this time. The other had been there a month but didn't seem to do anything. The place was fairly dirty and not well maintained. The volunteers were nice and took me out but all in all if I was going back to Timisoara I'd look elsewhere first.

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Thanks for the review! As you said both me and my brother were away (my brother has another job and had been sent out of the country) and he tried his best to find people in such a short notice and obviously that wasn't good enough. Everything is good now though, I'm back too and I hope if you ever come back to Timisoara that you will give us another chance, I'm sure you won't be dissapointed! Kind regards, Raul

Generator Venice

Venice, Italy

Generator Venice is like a combination of a hostel and a hotel without most of the benefits of either. There's no kitchen for you to cook in because they are trying to force you to buy their food and there isn't a hostel atmosphere, more like a hotel bar area. Yet the showers are cramped and not super clean as one would expect if it were a hotel. The staff were helpful but not hostel friendly. But it is probably the only real option to stay this close to Venice.

Annecy Hostel

Annecy, France

This hostel was alright. I know there aren't a lot of options in Annecy but I was not very impressed here. The Wifi only worked on the first level, the kitchen was usually fairly dirty, and it was definitely a smaller hostel. Although the staff was nice when I asked for something as simple as a restaurant recommendation for lunch I got an "I don't really know". I'd probably try to find somewhere else to stay if I went back to Annecy.

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Wifi only in the common area is a choice we made so people don't bother other guest in the room in the middle of the night with their computer. Sorry you did not get any recommendation. We usually give plenty depends on what you're looking for. Maybe you asked our new receptionnist. Hope you'll give us another chance when you come back to Annecy. We are a small hostel but it's our strengh!


This was one of my favorite hostels I've stayed in. It's a large hostel with a great staff, comfortable chill areas, included breakfast, and fast Wifi. The staff actually knew my name even though I stayed there only a three nights in total and though I didn't I'm fairly certain you can book things like paragliding and skydiving through the hostel and then get picked up there. I watched countless people leave to go fall or fly through the sky. Interlaken is beautiful. This was a wonderful place.

Valley Hostel

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

It was a nice small hostel. Don't go expecting the type of places you can stay at in large cities. There isn't always someone at the front desk. It does have a nice homey feel though. I'd go back if I ever wanted to stay in Lauterbrunnen again.

PLUS Florence

Florence, Italy

This place was awesome. It was basically a hotel. I stayed in the offseason and got upgraded from an 8 bedroom dorm to a 4 bedroom at no cost. The staff were very friendly and incredibly helpful. I didn't once take public transportation, though I'm pretty content walking two miles to destinations. My sole complaint was that their internet was dodgy at best. Other then that it was a perfect, inexpensive, and pleasant hostel. Go here in Florence.


The bar was awesome, specifically on Australia Day. Fun place to stay, not too far from things I actually walked from it to the Eiffel Tower but it took like an hour. The privacy curtains are nice and the internet works pretty well. In all a good place to stay and I'd have no hesitations going back.

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We're pleased to see that you found the internet and privacy a nice touch. i'm very impressed with your walk to the eiffel tower not many will take that on. The Australia day event was a right good'un, we're glad you could enjoy that. St Christopher's Inn GDN


It was good, the internet worked well, the breakfast was fine. Thanks.

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Dear Guest Thank you for your review and feedback We are happy to hear you have enjoyed your stay with us and we hope you will choose us again in the future. Kind regards Palmers Lodge Hillspring Team