Reviews: Anonymous

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Newly renovated as the other comments describe. Not much to complain of at this hostel, we had a pleasant stay. The bathrooms were new, as was our room. They had tours and pub crawls for people to participate in if desired. Bruges is a lovely city, just be careful not to stumble home drunk at night in the rain or you'll get sick as a dog. Also: Watch for crazy Brits & Aussies as they might make you drink more than you plan on! Staff was great!

Hostel Utopia

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Well, the Hostel is attached to a coffeehouse, which is fun, but the stairs are very steep and winding to get up to the rooms. I stayed on the top floor in a 2 bed room, slanted roof reminded me of Anne Frank's struggle during Germany's occupation of Amsterdam. There was a sink, and the radiator worked, but when we got there the last persons' sheets were in the room on the ground, had to sleep the first night with an airport blanket as thin as a tissue on a plastic mattress. Also, overpaid.