Reviews: Anonymous

Hosteria Rose Cottage

Otavalo, Ecuador

The staff was great and very helpful. I paid for a horseback ride for my two daughters and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. The only thing we disliked about the hostel was the location - it is about 3 km from town and that was just too isolated for us as we wanted to be in town and have access to restaurants, etc. However, for the nature lover or someone with a different agenda, the location is perfect.

Coconut Hostel

Bocas del Toro, Panama

The room was so small we couldn't even put our suitcases on the floor and we had a difficult time opening the door because the bed was in the way. They need more bathrooms to service the population. This hostel is for the very young that want to party all night, not for the serious tourist or vacationer.

Bambu Hostel

David City, Panama

The hostel itself wasn't bad, it's just that we got grossed out by the kitchen. We cooked a rice dish and found a maggot on the kitchen counter top once we were cleaning up after the meal. The kitchen was down right filthy and I don't know why either. There were people working all day sweeping around the pool and cleaning but no one touched the kitchen. My advice to the owner - put those girls to work cleaning up your kitchen because it needs some serious elbow grease!