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Location: Norway, Gender: Male, Age: 31

Andes Hostal Serena Centro

La Serena, Chile

Overall a solid hostel, no frills but clean and in a good location. Free breakfast is a plus! One big negative for me is that the kitchen and the common area - with the comfortable sofas, television, and where people generally hang out - is a smoking area, a massive negative for a non-smoker who wants to be sociable. Great for smokers!

Mítico Hostel

Valparaiso, Chile

POSITIVES: Excellent location - it's only 100m up a hill, unlike most hostels where you'll have to hike a fair distance with your backpacks! (Not to mention close to the bars and the most important cerros). Great staff - lots of volunteers, like-minded people who know their way round. Nice, modern showers & hot water. A bar in the basement! NEGATIVES: No lockers in the rooms (but I put my valuables in their safe-room on a daily basis, not such a drawback). Kitchen could be better.

Muffin Hostel

Valparaiso, Chile

Two minutes walk from the bus station and not too far to walk to the trendier areas - about 20 mins. People will tell you it's in a dodgy area but I felt safe there. Nice friendly staff, free breakfast.

Valsecca Hostel

San Luis, Argentina

Very simply, this is a hostel. No frills, very simple. It does the business.

Areco Hostel

San Antonio de Areco, Argentina

Excellent. Everything I needed :)

Rocinha Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We loved this hostel! We were naturally a little apprehensive to staying in a hostel but felt super safe the whole time. At midnight one night we went to play football walking through the back streets and ended up playing until 3am with the locals. Great fun. There is a very nice community spirit here. It takes about 30 mins by bus to get to Copacabana, try to avoid rush hour because it can take 90 mins, so plan well. Only negative about the hostel - unnecessarily loud music in the evenings...

Rio Nature Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

All in all it was a good stay. Some hostels are just a place to stay and during the World Cup this place served nicely. I liked the location - Botafogo is quiet and safe. Copacabana beach (Leme end) is only a 20-30-minute walk (through the tunnel) or a 5-minute bus ride. If you're looking for a bed and won't spend much time hanging in the hostel, this is perfect :) Taxi drivers don't know where this street is though and there is another similarly named so ask for Alvaro Ramos.

Hostel Patua do Pelourinho

Salvador, Brazil

Nice hostel, nice staff, most importantly very nice breakfast! :) Difficult to comment on value as I stayed during the World Cup so prices are naturally inflated. Location is good, there are other hostels which are in the middle of the Pelourinho but this hostel is tucked only a few minutes walk away in a quieter area - I consider this to be very positive.


I was a bit annoyed that a group of travellers in the hostel were up drinking until 3-4am, not just drinking but screaming and making loads of unnecessary noise - the dorms are right next to the common areas and it kept me awake all night. I was unwell so didn't have the energy to get out of my top bunk to shout at the yanquis making the noise but I think the hostel also have a responsibility to make sure people show respect for others, especially after midnight.

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That night almost all the passangers that were staying at our hostel were hanging out, sharing traveling experiences and enjoing a beautiful night untill about 1am , then everybody went out together to bars nearby. It is a shame you didnt tell us you felt unwell, we have a doctor and an emergency service included that could have taken you to a hospital if needed, where you could have found absolute silence

Hostal El Refugio

Pucon, Chile

Enjoyed my stay here. I thought the activities they had on offer were great, and good value too (according to the other guests who had researched alternative companies). The tents were a good solution to add more beds, BUT they got so hot during the day (in January) it wasn't possible to have a snooze, something I often need when rushing around a new, hot town! Maybe the hostel can make some air vents for the tents?

Hospedaje Penthouse 1004

Bariloche, Argentina

I enjoyed my stay at Penthouse. No complaints :) Worth staying for the views alone.

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Your few words feel very intense! We really appreciate them! Hope to receive you again!