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Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 29

City Circus Athens

Athens, Greece

Helpful staff with good hostel concept did the difference in a city as Athenas that offers less than it could. Specifically about the room, the large bed size was a plus in a room with good space and conditions to attend the travellers.

Hatters at Hilton Chambers

Manchester, England

The hostel is in a old building. But with a good internal adaptation. Although the rooms are large, they don't offer individual locker for your backpack/luggage. It is frustrating, because the hostel offers only 8 small lockers by aisle for every guests who are located at same aisle. But, in general, was a clean hostel in a good location.

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I quite like that odd charm of 'inner youth' in a lot of Manchester's buildings, it's a bit of a nice surprise! There are pros and cons to having lockers in the corridors. They're watched by the cameras, but yes - it can be quite frustrating. I think we're due a revamp soon, so I'll put the idea in the bosses head (subliminally) ; ) Thanks for the review!

Astor Museum Inn

London, England

Friendly staff and hostel in a great location. You can visit some points by walking. But the hostel are divided in two old buildings. This result in a bad first impression, although the rooms are large and comfortable. Specially the rooms at Litter Russell St. Unfortunately the negative point is the toilets are constantly smelling bad (mainly because they are in the basement.

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Hi!! Thanks for your review, we'll try to sort out the bathrooms issue ASAP!! Hope to see you back!!

St Christopher's Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland

Friendly staff and hostel in a central location. BUT: the rooms are so small; the floor and the toilets are little bit unclean (the toilets not smell well). My impression was that the pics on hostel's website were better than the reality. In case that I came back to Edinburgh I will try other hostel. But unfortunately I'm not sure about how different the others hostels are, in this historical city.

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Hi There, Thanks for taking the time to review us. Sorry to hear you were disappointed with your stay. The cleanliness of the hostel is something we are always striving to improve. We hope to have the opportunity to change your opinion of us in the future. Wishing you all the best with your travels. Edinburgh Crew x


London, England

Good location and friendly staff. In the room you will have some problem with the number of lockers available. In some case one room with 8 bed has only 6 lockers for example. But, in general, the hostel offers a good structure. Its localization is really good especially for who likes to go by walking for some places in the city. Furthermore, since the hostel is relatively large probably you will find many groups in the runners and the main living room. Nevertheless, the room is silent.

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Hi, Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you liked the hostel! Unfortunately we couldn't fit enough lockers in some rooms but there are additional lockers available at the reception area. Hope to see you again at Clink. Enjoy your travels! Agata

Plug-Inn Boutique Hostel

Paris, France

Good point: friendly staff. BUT: The place is absurdly small (they use mirrors to "extend" the spaces) Old furniture and in general in bad quality Walls with dye spends Room and reception EXTREMELY hot (the bathrooms as well) There no locker in the room for your backpack (can you believe it)? The lift only fits you and your backpack (if you have claustrophobia will have to use the stairs) There no ventilation system in the building. So they will use fan to spread the hot air in your face.

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Thanks for taking the time out and leaving us a review! My apologies if you found the room too hot but the average temperature in the summer here stays at 25°C that why we don't need a ventilation system. I agree that when you came it's was exceptionally very hot. We do have lockers at the recetion for free and in this historical area when they are lifts they are small.


Good space in good location. But you will need to pay an additional value for facilities like computer and breakfast.

Equity Point Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Comfortable room, clean and near of the most popular points in Prague. The hostel offers a good structure with free internet, breakfast and a own Bar. So, good location to stay in Prague.

Equity Point Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Good location with cleanliness rooms. I recommend it.


It is a hostel in a hotel structure. So you will find a lot of people in the hall, stairs... all spaces in the hostel. Because of this the staff needs to work hard and a lot. This will contribute to in the reception someone ask you "what is the problem?" than "May I help you?"... Maybe in the same situation I could do the same... On the other hand, the location is amazing. The room is really small, but clean. So if you need good location this is the place to stay in Berlin. But in other case..


Amsterdam, Netherlands

This place is amazing. If you like good people in a really cool and relax place, I really recommend you to go to Ecomama. I was in a room with big windows turn to the canal. So, it was possible to enjoy the silence and nature which involve all the hostel. Good service. Great people. Amazing space.

Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Great location; the hostel was concerned about offering a daily schedule of events and tours for guests at affordable prices; Good breakfast; Finally, I think was one of the better Staff that I've ever encountered in hostels I have ever spent. Highly recommend.


Offer to the guests a microwave in the kitchen sounds a really good ideia.