Reviews: Anonymous


The staff were well below average. I felt like I was sleeping on a bed of pigs trotters. The door to the room was customarily left open. The bathroom facilities were minimal and dirty. The breakfast was bad bad bad. No, I will never stay here again, nor will I positively recommend it.

The Garden Backpacker

Seville, Spain

This hostel was amazing! The staff went out of their way to help us and were all so friendly. It also attracted a really great bunch of people. I will definitely stay here again if I come back to Seville. Phillipe is lovely too!


I really liked staying at this hostel even though the staff need a real attitude check. The only nice staff member was a volunteer girl from Portugal, she was quite cheerful. The beds were almost too good - not even lying. I love that they don't have any bunk beds. We got a great room with a balcony. The bathroom situation is interesting. You can't really off load stool in peace when it's a unisex bathroom with the showers attached. This wasn't a major setback though. I would stay again.


This place took bookings right up until 4 days before the Las Fallas Festival before it let anyone know that it was shutting down. It also wanted to keep our €70 deposit but luckily I had paid extra for deposit protection.


Really disliked this place. It was bland and dirty

Hostel Stara Polana

Zakopane, Poland

Friendly and laid back, this hostel offered a great respite in-between skiing.

Hostel One Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

I really loved this place. The staff are super cool and the bar downstairs is hell fun. It's a great place for solo travellers because the activities and nightly free dinners make it easy to meet other backpackers. Facilities are also very good. I loved my stay here and I definitely recommend it to other travellers.

Circus Hostel

Berlin, Germany

This was such a fun hostel. As a lone traveller I found it easy to make friends. The facilities are good and everything was clean. Staff were all quite wonderful. For a large hotel like hostel I thought it had really good backpacker vibes. They have a bar downstairs which serves a free keg of beer every Thursday.

Hostel Mondpalast

Dresden, Germany

This place is really pretty and for 6.50 they do a wicked breakfast! Facilities were pretty spot on. The only negative would be that I stayed at the end of January and I'm pretty sure for my first night there, I was the only person staying in the hostel. Needless to say I didn't make any friends. I'm sure it would be better in peak season.

Black Sheep Hostel

Cologne, Germany

If you're a person, don't stay here!!! The people who stay here are generally students who move to Rotterdam and are only staying until they find more permanent accom. Hence, the atmosphere sucks. The facilities also suck. I found it super creepy that the owner provides a small bowl of tampons in the female toilets. He also walks straight into the female only dorms after knocking once and leaving no time for a response. There's no need for him to go into female only dorms at all.Never again EVER

Hostel de Mafkees

Rotterdam, Netherlands

This place might be cheap but it's certainly not cheerful. It's so cheap in fact that it was worth the while of two Dutch ladies checking into the hostel just to find things to steel. They ended up stealing one girls mobile phone and wallet while she was showering. When the girl realised her things were stolen the Dutch ladies had already "checked out". I would liken this place to a homeless shelter. One night and I was outta there!

St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Really loved this place. Facilities were great and it attracted a good bunch of people.


I met some great people here. The breakfast was good and the facilities are fabulous. The old building is just gorgeous and not to be missed.