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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 41

Guest House Hokorobi

Fukuoka City, Japan

You better have GPS to initially find the hostel or it's going to be a problem, all street signs are in Japanese, not English. If you arrive at night it would be impossible unless you speak Japanese. The people in Fukuoka are very nice and helpful, it was the only way I found the hostel. Once you get there it's nice, clean, good and helpful staff, good: wifi, kitchen facility, close to grocers, bus, subway. I would stay there again for sure.

Warsaw Downtown Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

Good staff, if they didn't know they found out and told you later, except for the redheaded female clerk. She was happy not knowing anything. Clean rooms, my light didn't work at my bunk, but I always have my own light because that's a common issue. Hostel makes an effort to do activities each night to encourage client socializing. Can see everything of interest in Warsaw in 2 days, really boring city. Small lockers, room can get crowded with gear fast. Someone stole my food out of the fridge.

Mamas & Papas Hostel

Gdansk, Poland

Best part of town is this hostel because the staff is very helpful and excellent. Glad Papa met me off the bus because directions given would have never gotten me to the hostel. Mama prepared polish potato cakes for me when I checked in, and they made everything much easier for me to get around, even wrote notes in Polish for me to hand to transport personnel because most people in North Poland do not speak English. You go to Gdansk, this is the hostel to choose for sure. Great jogging trail too

Adam&Eva Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

I had private room, I didn't have to deal with lockers, security was excellent. I didn't try wifi downstairs, but in the room I couldn't stream movies from the net, so it was weak. Clean hostel, nicely equipped kitchen. Hostel was only half filled so I never had to wait for a bathroom and was very quiet. I do suggest the hostel plan a daily get together of the clients to get interaction going and get like minded people together to explore because most of the people in Praha do not speak English.

Birka Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

All the staff was nice, but the most knowledgeable and helpful was the tall redhead lady, she went out of the way to inform me of cool places to go and see. She also gave me a free ticket to get into a ship- bar she wasn't using. There are laundry facilities there 10Euro, full kitchen, open eating area. Nothing setup to encourage guest mixing, but if you talk to people everyone is well received to go do things. Close to grocer and info. center. Lockers in room are size for carryon only.

Göteborgs Vandrarhem

Gothenburg, Sweden

Not far from tram stop that you take from Central Station. Hop off tram, take a left and it'll be on your right about 3-5 minute walk. Wifi is weak. Toilet paper is the texture of thin paperback book pages. Have to pay for linen, beds fairly comfortable, Quiet at night, well lit, not a place to really meet other travelers. Staff isn't very informed about the area, and English is sub-par. Good, full kitchen, can do laundry there for about 5 Euro, but have to work around the cleaner's schedule.

City Public Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

Male showers need cleaned more often. 1 drain so you can stand in 3 inches of other people's shower water. Good kitchen, good wifi, 10 minute walk from train station. Grocer 2 minute walk. Big dorm is surprisingly quiet. Rest of the facility is clean. Best place all around in Copenhagen to stay. 10-15 walk to middle of Copenhagen, shopping architecture, bars.

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Right beside the Red Light District, it's quiet at night in the hostel, good wifi, friendly staff, all English speakers, best price for hostel in Amsterdam, been in the city over 10 times. Grocer 1 minute walk, RLD 1 minute away, laundry 5 minutes away, Central Station 10 minute walk. In my dorm this time around it smells bad in there, but I think that's the other clients, not so much the hostel deal. The odor of being unwashed is disturbing for about 20 minutes until you fall asleep. Dorm 4.


Decent sized kitchen, wifi in common area by kitchen. Basic and decent hostel, but is 4 minute walk from central train station and the Dom, so that's good. Koln is small-ish so not far to walk anywhere. Schedule pub crawls from independent company at least a week before arriving in Koln. Hostel should organize events for clients to get to know one another. Go on self tour of many castles along the river.

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Hello..thanks for your review. We work with several companies who offer Pub crawls and free walking tours...the information can be found at you said its best to check our website or Facebook sid ein advance .


5 minute walk from Central Station in the middle of anything remotely interesting in Frankfurt, though a block on either side and you'll find junkies, bums, strip bars, hookers and panhandlers. No AC, so it gets warm during sunny days. Bunks are solid, mattresses comfortable. Nonsense policy you have to leave deposit 20 Euro to get a bunk light that allows electricity, I got the light, electricity still didn't work. Their solution was to put me in a more crowded room. No. Laundry on site.


Female staff really helpful, male staff not so much. Wifi is decent, but not good enough to upload pics. 5 minute walk from central train station. Big lockers for security, clean showers that are decent sized and separate from toilet. Reception is open 24 hours. They do have washer and dryer. The area is safe and uneventful, grocer is inside the train station. Comfortable bunks. Bar closes early.

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Dear guest, thank you for rating us! Good to hear that you had a great time here with us! We would be very happy about seeing you again here in MEININGER hamburg! Best wishes, your MEININGER team hamburg

PLUS Berlin

Berlin, Germany

One of the nicest and biggest hostels I've stayed in, but there needs to be more client based excursions and activities because the size makes it difficult to meet fellow travelers outside of your dorm. Comfortable bunks, good locker size, 2 WC in my dorm of ample size, clean, helpful staff. Common area closes early 10pm, no self kitchen, wifi only works decently in reception and common area. I would stay here again, no question. Overall tops.


Dresden, Germany

3 minute walk from train station, 7 minute walk to bar area, grocer 5 minute walk, 15 minutes from historic area. Big kitchen, real big wall lockers in room, 24 hour common area. Get 6 hours of wifi per day-I suggest getting it broken up into smaller time allotments. Once you log into wifi the time runs while you're using it or not.


Clean, staff is ok . I had a 8 person dorm. There was only one bath/shower combined room. Design flaw because you can wait up to 2 hours to use the bathroom if you have to wait for others. No other public bathrooms elsewhere on the floor. You'd have to go down to the lobby. No security lockers. They placed 3 other very sick clients in my room. This of course made me sick, cost money for medicine and a week where I was laid up. Put sick people in their own dorm or make them pay for a private.


Very clean facility, nice showers, good privacy in shower area. Can't use kitchen, but can utilize fridge. Really comfortable beds, good noise policy during sleep hours. 45 minute walk from the castles, nice town. They will wash and dry your laundry for 7 Euros. Good deal and convenient.

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thank you!

Hostel Uppelink Ghent

Gent, Belgium

Great location, sits by a canal right in the middle of the coolest architectural sites. Clean, free breakfast, wifi works well, adequate power outlets in dorms. Staff is good, friendly and helpful.


It's a tossup between this hostel and the Kex in Reykajvik Iceland as to which one was best. Bauhaus is definitely the best one I've stayed at in Belgium (by far) and any hostel in the Netherlands. Privacy curtain on solid bunk, comfortable mattress, reading light, large shower, clean, free breakfast, 10-15 minute walk from Center, grocer 2 minute walk from hostel. Security drawer under bunks is spacious, bring your own padlock. Great hostel.

Boomerang Hostel

Antwerp, Belgium

Older building, dirty, unwashed linen. It's cheap though. 1 step above sleeping outside. Hot water runs out quick when hostel is full. Have full use of kitchen and fridge. Very few power outlets in dorm. Thankfully no bugs.

Youth Hostel Van Gogh (Chab)

Brussels, Belgium

One of the worst hostels I've stayed in. Lockers are beat up, had to tug door of one open and it came out with such force it cut and blacked my eye for a week. Staff is not really helpful. Asked for doctor notes to be scanned so I could keep for records on computer, took going through 3 staff members to get it done finally. Some homeless guy took my sheets and pillow 2nd night, I just slept in my sleeping bag rather than ask the staff for anything. Bathroom/ shower is outside of building.

King Kong Hostel Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Best location in an ugly city, bar street. Very nice/new digs. Good atmosphere, but due to design (no doors) extremely loud at night. I got about 4 hours sleep over 2 days due to noise and inconsiderate hostel clients. Spoke to staff about it, they offered free breakfast. Proactive, polite and came up with possible suggestions for future clients. Once they implement quiet hours, best place in city to stay. Recommended for staff competence, value, new facility and location.

Flying Pig Beach Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wifi good in common area and in room 2. Ikee (spelling) is great, upbeat personality and very knowledgeable of the area. If you want to know something about the beach or the Hague, ask her. Easy to get to the hostel from Central station. Find Tram 1, get off at Kiezerstraat and it's about 1 minute away from the stop. Can use the kitchen and store food in fridge. Grocer close. BIG Signs need to be posted on door of dorms quiet time between 11pm-7am. Think that was common sense of guests, it's not

Hostel Ani & Haakien Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Helpful staff, Joyce, one of the owners is very knowledgeable of Rotterdam. Clerk from Portugal wouldn't go get Joyce one time when I needed some assistance from a Dutch speaker, said, " She's here, no idea where..." Not like the hostel is the size of Siberia and it wasn't busy. Loudest door locks on the dorms I have ever heard. Bring earplugs. Very close to central station and grocers. About a 15 minute walk from the cafes and bars. Can use the kitchen, small fridge space. Highly recommend.

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Thanks for your stay & commend. We have been working on the locks of the bedrooms! We now adjust some softlocks that will keep you safe and a sleep! Good travel! Ani & Haakien's Team

Budgett Hostels

Groningen, Netherlands

Can't use the kitchen and nowhere to store food. Short haired lady clerk was very helpful in getting a power of attorney signed for me at the police station. Younger blonde female clerk moved me unnecessarily to another room for no good reason. Told me that I'd have more space in a smaller room with more people in it. Nonsense. Facilities are very clean, the community showers are spacious, room showers are very small. Uncomfortable seating in eating area, close to Central Station by foot.

Stone Hotel & Hostel

Utrecht, Netherlands

Great owner, very helpful, wonderful staff. Laid back atmosphere, close to everything, clean, nice kitchen and dining area.


The Hague, Netherlands

I stayed in Room 1. The showers didn't work and it flooded one night. Staff got on it right away next morning, but if I hadn't have woken during night and told everyone, everybody's gear would have been soaked. Lockers are a long way from Room 1, not many of them. Weird, differing hours in community room. Wifi is about the speed of dialup and only worked in Community Room. Great and helpful staff made up for the few deficiencies. Very close to bus/tram stop.

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Dear Ronald, Thank you for leaving a review, it always helps us as we can learn a lot from it! We also want to thank you for warning everyone about the floading. The problem of course has been taken care of, as well as the WIFI. We hoped you enjoyed your stay and maybe we'll see you another time! Cheers, Jorcrew

International Budget Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Katerina one of the clerks was awesome to me, very helpful and friendly. Stairs are real bad here, I have about 80lbs of gear, had to bend over and duck as I climbed up the stairs, steps themselves are very narrow, half my foot would hang over the edge on the first 2 floors. Reception area is small, "Ganja" room is right next to reception. Expect a contact high if you hang out in reception to eat. They will keep your food in their fridge. Bathrooms and showers is cramped, but kept clean.

Akureyri Backpackers

Akureyri, Iceland

Friendly staff, knowledgeable, accommodating. Clean hostel, lots of partying on the weekends. Shower in the basement, but very large and clean. Decent kitchen area, small-ish, same with dining area by kitchen. Reception area has a nice outdoorsy feel. Bathrooms clean on each floor, good door locks, god sized sinks. Was snowed in for 3 days and can only do excursions if there is a min. amount of people going. I played on my computer and walked around the small town, not much to see.

KEX Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

Knowledgeable, friendly staff. If they didn't know the answer to a question they would find it out. The hostel is pretty quiet within the rooms, so that's nice. The bathrooms are clean and large enough. Fridays and Saturdays they will have some live music. The kitchen area is well equipped and the hostel was clean throughout. Fem Aus clerk was really nice and helpful. Nice big locker to keep your large gear in by reception desk. Everything is expensive in Iceland. Sit down meal avg. $24 USD