Reviews: Anonymous

Cape Town Backpackers

Cape Town, South Africa

I've been in few other hostels around Cape Town, but this is my favourite one. Staff is amazing and they always take care about good atmosphere. It's a great place to meet new friends. Definitely worth to stay a bit longer there.

Itaqua House

Niteroi, Brazil

I trully like this hostel. This is a perfect spot for me to work and enjoy a tropical place that I can not find in Europe.

El Misti Hostel Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I stayed there during Carnaval. The one thing that I really hated was the WIFI. It was a really bad. One more thing that is worth to notice is that there are only 2 bathrooms upstairs for about 40 people. I felt a little bit like in prison camp. One positive is a staff and a great location.

Hostel Suites Florida

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Regards from Tomek, Polish guy who stayed there for such a long time.