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Hong Kong, Hong Kong

This hostel is completed overrated. Even though not a bad place, compared to all the other hostels I've stayed in around China, this is the worst. This is one of the most expensive hostels for the least amount of space; there was no room service to empty your trash; no real lounge; you had to rent towels and buy toiletries; and for four days there was no hot water in our shower. This hostel is overpriced for the least amount available to you. Minus the location, all you're paying for is a bed.

Kelly's Courtyard

Beijing, China

We had a fantastic stay at this beautiful hostel. We LOVED how clean and quiet it was and the staff was super friendly and personable.This is the first hostel we've stayed at that truly felt like home away from home. More meals offered would be appreciated.


This hostel is great if you are Chinese but not so great as a foreigner. English is decent but planning and organization is not the best. They overbooked and we didn't get the room we reserved. Internet is very slow.

Sanlitun Youth Hostel

Beijing, China

The Internet does not work when there are a lot of people in the common area. Perhaps you should buy an internet router meant for high traffic. The common area is also too small and doesn't encourage interaction with others.


Atmosphere was not pleasant to be in. This hostel felt the most like a hotel than any other hostel we've stayed yet stayed in during our year long travels in China. Feeling more like a hotel and less like a communal hostel showed in the peoples' attitude in the common area and in the attitude of the staff. Everything was sufficient but not nearly as welcoming, inviting, or comfortable as other hostels.

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Hi~Alyssa, We are so sorry for the unpleasant experience during your stay at our hostel, we'll go to find out the problem and improve the service accordingly. Hope you'll see a much better hostel when you stay next time, have a nice day :)

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

This is the best place we've stayed in during our year-long tour of China. Absolutely fantastic. We especially loved how the common area encouraged people to talk to one another and hang out. Don't change a thing! :)