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USA Hostels Ocean Beach

San Diego, USA

It's clear to me that this hostel has been around the block a few times and knows the business well, which contributed to OBI being a pretty well-oiled machine in terms of providing for its guests. While the atmosphere is a little bit dark, it is a very fun place with a ton of folks from all over the place. I also appreciate that this is a hostel that is decidedly international - requires a foreign passport or an American guest MUST be a student/educator from outside of San Diego. Pretty sweet!


Very friendly and helpful staff, and the international atmosphere created at the hostel was a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend this hostel to anyone staying in San Diego. Tons of activities each day, and who can beat complimentary breakfast AND dinner? P.S. Steve (the manager) is the man.

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Thanks for the recommendation, we certainly appreciate it. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed all the free activities and meals and enjoyed your interactions with our staff that we love so much. It was great to meet you and hopefully we'll see you again soon! P.S. Thanks for compliment mate! Cheers, Steve

Suites DF Hostel

Mexico City, Mexico

I loved my time at Suites, and I plan on returning again soon. It's not every day that you find a place that's like a little home-away-from-home where you long to return to, and this is definitely the first I've experienced this feeling at a hostel. Great value and I expect to return soon.

Pauliceia Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

This hostel is very well organized, and the staff and customers of the hostel were all very friendly and helpful. There were few things I didn't like about this hostel, and I would recommend it to pretty much anyone who might want to stay in a hostel in São Paulo.