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Infinity Party Hostels

Budapest, Hungary

It might be a good place for a party animal, if your day starts in the afternoon after all night party, I wonder if they have the time and energy to explore the city rather than the hostel and the pub downstairs. During my stay, there were a bunch of people yelling in the hostel from midnight to 6am and I guess this is part of the culture of this hostel. I tried to sleep as late as 2am in fear of the noise, door open and two people talking with lights on...I barely slept that night.

Little Town

Prague, Czech Republic

Wonderful place! Spacious kitchen and bathroom, only 8 euros! Already recommended to travelers met in other cities...

Chili Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Unpleasant things happened when moved in, a roommate lost her property in the locker of the hostel, her laptop was stolen, plus a few others in the room lost some small changes as well. That's why I decided to move elsewhere the other day. The building was nice but bathroom on my floor was not clean as it was shared by 30-40 people. I was on the 5th floor and there is no elevator, kitchen and common room on the ground level. The free computers in the common room were a plus.

Backpackers St. Pauli

Hamburg, Germany

The security system is abit too complex, like the door...

The Hostel Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

Nice staff who is very friendly and make you feel home, but quite far from the centre...and the bathroom and toilet are downstairs

City Public Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

Cheapest in town if you choose the 66 bed dorm. Well equipped kitchen, perfect for a budget traveler.

Hostel Turku

Turku, Finland

great but too quiet and clean for a hostel, maybe it's the winter season so not much life :)

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Hello! Our winter season in Finland is surely a little bit too quiet! Nice that you visited us!