Reviews: Anonymous

Nomads Fat Camel Hostel

Auckland, New Zealand

The first time I stayed at the camel I was on the second floor and that was excellent. However on my second stay I was on the forth floor which seems to have a small group of long term inmates who think they own the place. They have their belongings spread everywhere so access to other bunks is not easy, they hog the power points for their computers to watch movies, and leave the doors open so that their friends can sleep in their beds while they are out, couples share bunks overnight. Not good

City Travellers Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

I was not there long to gain a very good overview of the operation. However I thought it s not so much a tourist accommodation as it is a boarding house for unemployed locals. I was told that tenants get thrown out for drunkeness and assaulting guests, also that a person was assaulted and died on the street outside a few weeks previously. I was sharing with one other guest and noticed he was continually scratching himself and was covered in red marks which seemed to be the cause.