Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 24

Rocinha Guest House

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Amazing experience-my favorite hostel I have visited. I was convinced by other reviews here on hostelworld and I'm so glad I went. It's basically a family's house and their 18 year old son Obe runs everything. He is really nice and helpful and took us out one night to party. The mom cooked a great (huge) dinner for me for my first night at a really good price. The views are amazing from the rooftop. Breakfast was all you can eat and was very good. If you want a legit Rio experience, go here!

Garden Stone

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Best breakfast I've had at a hostel so far. All you can eat: GOOD fresh juice, eggs, muffins/cakes, etc. Severe lack of outlets in my room (1 for 6 people) and wonky internet, but really chill hostel. Many outdoor/semi outdoor areas and a nice place to talk to travelers


Good party hostel but definitely not a warm friendly staff. They are there to make money. They hype up their club promotions every night which can be good but the guy that does the run down before every meal is really annoying. The meals are really skimpy too, no drinks either (not even cold water, just hot water for coffee). Good hostel to rage at South Beach but that's all it is...a place to crash after raging. Not a "nice/special" place