Reviews: Anonymous

Kinlay Eyre Square Hostel

Galway, Ireland

The staff gave me a map with recommendations on places to visit, eat, and shop. I shared a room with the worse snorer ever, and when I asked for a room switch the staff obliged immediately. I chose this place for its popularity and was not disappointed. If you're looking to get in the middle of the the action, this is the place.

The Hideout Hostel

Dingle, Ireland

The Hideout was a big contributing factor to my memorable experience in Dingle. Michael, the owner, is the man! Immediately upon arrival he briefed me on the good pubs and recommended I rent a bike and ride around the peninsula because the weather was good. I did so in a heartbeat and had a blast. I befriended a fellow traveller at the hideout and we hit the pubs which were nice and cozy with their coal fires. I went during the winter season and found the calmness extremely refreshing.


I spent a day in Cork so I could visit the Blarney castle which was a short cab ride away for about 18 euros. I could have taken the bus for cheaper, but would have lost an hour. The staff was very sociable and pleasant. They encouraged me to go out on the town, and I felt bad cause I had an extremely early bus to catch. The Aaran House is right across from the train station which was super convenient.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Isaacs is the most popular hostel in and that's exactly what you get. TONS of people partied in the main lobby every night. The building is a bit difficult to navigate at first trying to find your room, the locker room, laundry room, lounge, bathroom etc. The staff was brief with me because they'd just dealt with a dozen other guests. It's about a 12 minute walk outside the city center so I made sure to bring everything with me that I needed when I went out. Security = Bueno