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Location: Sweden, Gender: Male, Age: 25

City Hostel - Central Station

Stockholm, Sweden

The staff were so nice to me. I felt really special. They were polite and answered all my questions. The only thing that troubled me a little bit was the hot and almost unbreathable air. I also think there were too few toilets on the premises.

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Cheers for all feedback. Sorry you felt the room was hot, please come talk to us if there is anything you are not happy with next time :-) Kind regards, Hostel Manager

Astor Victoria

London, England

The staff was very friendly. I almost felt bad for not keeping up with their niceties and smiles. My stay at Astor Victoria was nice and relatively peaceful, except for one night when the fire alarm went off three times in one night. Breakfast was adequate but I have to say that there were too few hooks in the shower rooms as well as all too small sinks in the toilets. Rinsing your face without wetting the floor was quite a challenge.

Keystone House Kings Cross

London, England

Decent low-priced dorms and considerate staff. I have stayed at Keystone House twice (8 Bed Mixed Dorm). The only thing that I've found annoying is coping with the fire-alarm going off twice every night. The dorms are very basic and the same goes for their customer service. I'm not a big fan of the breakfast, but still it's better than none I suppose. Also you must have in mind that there are no lifts so prepare yourself for a bit of a climb to the fourth floor.