Reviews: Anonymous

Lotus Lodge

Siem Reap, Cambodia

all in all,it's a good place to stay, to chill.Most staff are friendly.Breakfast is simple; it's buffet so you can definitely get full if u don't feel bored with the food. Something to note: it's not close to the center, though it got 85% for location somehow. By Bike it's about 10-15mins to the center, not really bad though.To be picky, though they have free bikes but they are crappy and they allow some very selfish customers to lock those bikes up for their own use.

Sam So Guesthouse

Siem Reap, Cambodia

I think it's a bit overpriced for what they have. pay a bit more you will get something a lot better, even with a pool. stayed one night there, and met three staff, the first two were nice and friendly. but the other was rude and impatient, she came double check and even frowned at us just because we asked for one more piece of toast for breakfast.

Sivarin Guesthouse

Bangkok, Thailand

Very friendly and helpful staff. nice room and balcony!

Floating House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

the owner is more than helpful: she is well-traveled so she really gives some very good advice that travelers need!! the place is not new at all but it's still clean. there are some very lovely cats there, for me it's a plus cuz I love them!

Baan Rub Aroon

Chiang Rai, Thailand

nice garden, good breakfast, nice staff, the owner speaks very good English and she is helpful. Very calm and cozy place, though it's not a most perfect place to meet people.

At Baan Khun Hostel

Chiang Mai, Thailand

good place to meet people, nice atmo, in the middle of night market and old town. But u can get something cheaper in old town and still good too. lockers are downstairs so it's very inconvenient. Staff seemed nice but not as helpful as they could be, a bit feigning, and they tried to rip some more money from you! We were going to bus station and they offered us a ride cuz they had a tour pick later, AND they charged us much more than Songthaew for sitting in the back of a truck without seat