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Walk On The Beach Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Awesome staff, cool place. Rooms were pretty cramped with 3 high bunks and very limited space. Guess it helps to drag down the costs at such a wicked location though right?

Hostel Way2go

Florianopolis, Brazil

Great place, cool staff. Loved the experimental caiprinhas....especially the watermelon!

Barra Surf Hostel

Florianopolis, Brazil

Very quiet spot so if you are after a big party scene this might not be for you. The place is fantastic though. Awesome rooms, amazing staff, great facilities. Thanks a bunch.

TAS D VIAJE Hostel - Surf Camp - Suites

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Had a great stay at teh end of peak season. Its quiet this time of year, but the hostel is awesome.

Macanudo Hostel

Montevideo, Uruguay

The best city hostel weve ever stayed at! After a year travelling south america i recommend anyone in montevideo stays here! Cheers guys for an awesome stay (although way to short!)

Hostel Portones de Carrasco

Montevideo, Uruguay

Some staff were really helpful, particularly the young Frech guy currently working there. They were also good with information on buses etc, necessary if you dont hAve a car because this place is way out of the centre. Everything was OK, the only issue was with the price. One of the most expensive rooms we have booked and while the house is cool, it doesnt live up to the pricetag.

Live MVD Hostel

Montevideo, Uruguay

Nice hostel but very cramped rooms, 12 bed dorms should really be 8 bed dorms. Not sure how many people were there but the queues for the three toilets indicate far too many.

Che Lagarto Hostel Colonia

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

We liked this hostel. The only issue was with security. They didnt have lockers in the dorm and ours was right next to the front door...which was always wide open. Anyone could easily sneak in and steal anything they wanted. No one would even see them enter.

The Hostel-Inn Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dont understand the high hostelworld rating. Some staff were great while others were indifferrent to hopeless. We were pointed in the wrong direction by staff, had clothes stained from floor polish (they did remedy this but without apology) and there is no atmosphere whatsoever. We moved down the road 1 block to a place that was significantly cheaper and way better.

La Casona de Odile

El Bolson, Argentina

Amazing hostel. A fair distance out of town but the amazing lounge with fire makes up for it. Tasty, cheap communal dinners, tasty homemade beer, comfy beds and a beautiful garden for relaxing. The area is so nice for wandering, especially in March when all the leaves are changing colour. Tasty smoked trout just down the road.

Moving Hostel Travel Bar

Bariloche, Argentina

This place is awesome. Great rooms, cool communal areas and all round good vibe. Recommend highly!

Old House Hostel Mendoza

Mendoza, Argentina

Really nice hostel, friendly and helpful staff. The kitchen is tiny and doesn't have much in the way of utensils. Very quiet but relaxed atmosphere.

Baluch Backpackers Hostel

Cordoba, Argentina

Cheers for an awesome time guys

Klein Hostel

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

A nice hostel, a bit out of town and difficult to find on the bus home. Awesome caiprinhas!

Hostel Sao Jorge

Bonito, Brazil

Weird, unpleasant small as you walk through to the dorm area. Great facilities for organising tours.

Telstar Hostels

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Great pool, cool rooms, awesome locker system and in a good spot. Would recommend if you are visiting So Paulo!

Vibe Hostel

Paraty, Brazil

Small, friendly hostel. Tasty breakfasts.

Books Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Such an amazing breakfast! Lovely friendly staff. Our room didnt have air con and it was rediculously hot!

Ocara Hostel

Manaus, Brazil

We stayed one night in a dorm room and one night in a private. The dorm was great, big room with lots of space and comfy beds. The private was dingy with a bed as hard as a rock! Really nice hostel with lots of areas to relax and free use of the washing machine.