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Daikoku Hostel

Osaka, Japan

Great stay - great atmosphere with top floor common area and rooftop open area! Makes it really easy to meet new people. The location and quality of hospitality make this worth the extra 2 bucks over competitor hostels. . . highly recommended!


Formulaic. Which is both good and bad. On the one hand: clean, good washrooms, common area with kitchen, fast service, long counter hours. Yet, on the other hand: lack of atmosphere, no personal touch, difficult to connect with local people . . . Maybe this is a feature of being a chain, rather than owner operated . . . but regardless, given the pros and cons, base your decision around your personal priorities of what matters in a hostel.


Ask the owner to host a "Walk with the locals" . . . makes for an exceptional experience, seeing as there is only so much about Japan that you can learn from museums and shrines. Locals commenting on their day-to-day life really made my Nagasaki experience (as we walked through an amazing Lantern Festival).


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