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Puerto Limon Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I've been traveling for 7 months and this is the best hostel I've stayed in yet. Amazing, friendly, and good-humored staff. Great atmosphere, nice hang-out areas. A patio in the back, great living room with comfortable couches. Spacious, fully equipped kitchen. Reliable wifi. Warm showers/clean bathrooms. It's in a fun, classic part of town just minutes away from plaza dorrego. Would definitely recommend; you'll want to stay for longer.

Atawkama Hostel

Cusco, Peru

Great hostel. 15 minutes from main plaza, 7 from grocery store, 10 from market. Reliable, hot water. Breakfasts. Nice patio to hang out. Comfortable environment, clean bedrooms and bathrooms. Only downside is the unreliable wifi. It rarely ran properly. Apart from this, a great hostel with helpful staff. Would recommend it.

Friendly AQP

Arequipa, Peru

Pros: Great hostel. Nice location --10 minute walk from the main plaza, and far enough away where it's nice and quiet. Hammocks. Pancake breakfast! Nice sitting area with a big selection of movies. Pool table. Overall great and comfortable vibe. Could have stayed longer. If you're looking at staying in a dorm, the 6 person is far better than 7. Friendly staff. Cons: the water is usually cold. Solar powered so you have to wait. Kitchen is small but well equipped. Ok wifi Overall would recommend!


Pros: Great staff. Nice, comfortable hang-out area. Good internet. Cons: Far from center! Have to taxi or bus there. But this may not be a problem if you're here for surfing. Was just in Arica to get to Peru, so this was a comfortable stay for the night. Would recommend.


The nicest hostel I've stayed in during my 6 month travels in South America. Very clean and new! Spacious. Lots of great areas to hang out. Awesome and spacious kitchen. Great location ... 5 minutes from the beach. 10 minutes from a grocery store. Only complaint is that there was never warm water in the showers. But I'd definitely recommend this hostel.

Aji Verde Hostel San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Pros: Nice hostel. Good kitchen with plenty of utensils. Bathrooms are really nice. Decor of this place is very rustic, thought-out and tasteful which makes for a comfortable stay. Bonfires every night while I was there. Helpful and friendly staff. Hammocks! Cons: Hard to find at first, and about 15 minute walk from center. It's still under construction, so while I was there it was FREEZINGGGG at night! But I think they have plans to fix that. Overall, yes, I'd recommend this hostel.

La Albahaca Hostel

Tilcara, Argentina

Amazing and extremely friendly staff. Went to two parillas during my 3 days there! The best part of this hostel is the balcony upstairs, with a surrounding view of the mountains. Clean bedrooms and bathrooms. Just a few blocks from the plaza. 15 min walk to bus station. The kitchen is very tiny, with few utensils, so it's not the best space for cooking. Wifi is decent. No couches for comfortable lounging. But overall, I had a great time at this hostel and would definitely recommend it!

Backpacker's Suites & Bar

Salta, Argentina

Pros: Very clean!! Big lockers (though there aren't as many lockers as there are beds, which is not good). Clean bathrooms. patio in the back. Location is about 10-15 minute walk from the plaza. Cons: Not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages. Tiny kitchen with awful assortment of utensils. The key situation is a bit annoying, but for how big this hostel is it makes sense for security reasons. Not most comfortable atmosphere, but its spacious. Overall, I'd definitely recommend!

Sol Huasi

Salta, Argentina

Pros: Fantastic location (very close to plaza), wifi, nice hangout area and great little balcony. Various areas to sit and relax. Bathrooms were clean. Cons: My room literally smelled like feet. Very stuffy. They leave the front door open, and it's on a busy street, so almost anyone can walk in; not the best security! Lockers are very small. Had to buy a new, small lock to fit. Bread at breakfast ran out at 9 (an hour before ending) and didn't re-stock. Would not recommend.

Puerto Limon Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I had a great time at Puerto Limon and would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Buenos Aires. Great value for the price. Perhaps the best part of the hostel is the comfortable "hang-out" areas. Big tables and couches. A large patio in the back where the hostel holds "parillas." The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. Bathrooms/bedrooms are clean. Kitchen is spacious and great for cooking. Nice location. Not quite the party area like Palermo. Slightly more dangerous at night.

Unplugged Hostel Pocitos

Montevideo, Uruguay

The best part about this hostel is the owners who are both incredible,kind, fun, helpful, and welcoming. There is a great hangout room downstairs, where they play music and have a bar to buy drinks. Bathrooms and showers are pretty run down, as is the kitchen, but it's a hostel and that's often what you get. Location was amazing. Right by a bus stop, bakeries, cafes, restaurants, a grocery story, etc. And it felt safe. Don't come here expecting a perfect night's rest, but you'll have a good time