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Sunset Hostel

Pichilemu, Chile

Great surf lessons from Clark.

Che Lagarto Hostel Santiago

Santiago, Chile

very large and the common area didn't feel like a place to hang out, more like a hotel lobby.

Mamatierra Hostel

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

I really enjoyed this hostel. very clean and good staff. I didn't really like the tour I booked through them though. the guide only spoke Spanish. however, the hostel itself is great.

Muffin Hostel

Valparaiso, Chile

The two súper friendly German staff really made this place great to stay at. also, they have a bunny!

La Chimba Hostel

Santiago, Chile

a fun party hostel. but it wasnt very clean and there's lots of road noise in the back dorm.

Sant Jordi Hostel Gracia

Barcelona, Spain

Kind of expensive, but overall very good.

La Banda Rooftop Hostel

Seville, Spain

great place!

Treestyle Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

pretty average place overall.

Envoy Hostel

Yerevan, Armenia

This place isn't a youth hostel like I was expecting. It's full of smelly old men who are really creepy and rude. Absolutely no hostel environment.

Owner Comment (Hide)
We accept guests of all nationality, race and age, with high respect for all. Our guests tend to be well travelled and fascinated with local culture and history, making the basis for interesting conversations with fellow travellers. Majority of our guests are in their 20's and 30's - so we feel that you have unfortunately been left with an incorrect impression of our hostel. We hope the opportunity will arise again for you to experience our hostel and we hope your opinion will be very different.

Ali's Guest House

Goreme, Turkey

Fantastic hostel! They did a free pickup from the bus station, and let me check in at 5am!!! That was really fantastic as I wasn't able to get much sleep on the bus. Plus with Ali's you get the genuine sleeping in a cave Cappadocia experience. I also fell off a cliff and had to rest a few extra days, and the hostel owners were super accommodating. I can't recommend this place any more highly! Also fantastic value.

Ani Motel & Hostel

Kas, Turkey

Good value. There was a really helpful American concierge who helped us out a lot. The dorm is a little bit musty.

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Comfy matresses. The place was pretty good overall. My biggest complaint was that the beer was super overpriced and they don't let you being outside drinks.


Kathmandu, Nepal

Nice atmosphere and a good place to meet other travelers. However, the staff are the rudest I've ever met at any hostel I've ever stayed at. Plus if you order food it takes about 2 hours to arrive. They also charge extra for everything, so even though it seems like you'd be saving money by staying in the dorm it works out in the end to about the same as a single elsewhere. Also very dirty. I don't recommend.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Hi Tyler, I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience. We are currently renovating some part of the building, which may be the cause of some of the dirt. I must highlight that this is the best for all the prospective clients so that we have a bigger and better space for all to share. I apologize for the inconvenience and hope the best for your travels.

Khangsar Guest House

Kathmandu, Nepal

Really basic. Lots of mold in the shower and orange water. In this price range you can do a lot better.

Guesthouse COOOOL

Busan, South Korea

Really fantastic hostel!


Great atmosphere. The dorm is a bit crowded, but it's good value in an expensive city.

Capsule Inn Kinshichou

Tokyo, Japan

This place is very much in need of some TLC. The staff weren't very nice, and about half the bathrooms were out of order and the ones that weren't were very dirty. There was mold in the capsule and in the bathroom and the whole place had a very bad smell.