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Excellent service, great breakfast, wonderful micro-fiber towels for sale. The tours that are offered are not to be missed as for an Anglo with almost no French in his repertoire, this really made things easy. Rooms are big and spacious, with a privacy curtain! Bathrooms are pretty clean and showers are perfectly fine. Breakfast was outstanding.

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Thank you so much for taking some time to leave your thoughts, especially so because it's clear to see that you had a fantastic time with us. It's great to hear that the tour offered was a nice touch for you. Thank you again, we hope you keep spreading the word. St Christopher's Inn GDN

Flying Pig Downtown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Top Notch hostel. It would be hard to be bad in such an awe-inspiring city, but this hostel did not disappoint. Shout out to Rafael at the desk for fantastic recommendations and a professional attitude. Shout out to Charlie at the bar for wonderful service and some dance moments. This place truly attracts a great crowd and I will definitely consider staying here again.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Could not say enough about this hostel. The staff was great, it truly embodied the Dublin feel which is of pride, fun, and and good beer. Everything went off flawlessly, the tour was great, definitely do the tour, the pub crawl crew is great as well, they really make sure you are taken care of. Someone's purse was stolen at breakfast by someone just walking by, so obviously keep your city/travel eyes and beware. No where is crime free. But this place has great security and facilities.

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Thank you so much for such a great review. We are delighted you had a good time with us.

Everton Hostel

Liverpool, England

My colleague and I only stopped here for one night on our trip to see Anfield and some sites. The area around Anfield is in dire need of repair, and with all the scalpers/drug dealers it was hard to miss out on all the charm Liv has to offer. It was a Saturday, so I understand that it can be a little loud in the hostel, but my god they partied until we woke up for our flight Sunday morning at 6AM. I have no trouble sleeping so it was comedic to see but don't come here if you want sleep.


I only stayed at the Dictionary for two days but my overall impression is quite positive. The staff, who were clearly busy and understaffed at times, did everything with professionalism, including kicking ass and taking names when it was time to be quiet or stop puking in the rooms (not me). Breakfast was exactly what was necessary for a long day of tourism, and the lockers were sufficient. Being in the trendy Shoreditch neighborhood might attract younger clientele.

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Thanks for your review, and we're happy you enjoyed your stay with us. We will hope to see you again in the future.