Reviews: Anonymous

Fabrizzios Terrace Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

My friend and I had the BEST stay at Fabrizzios. Ana was the sweetest most helpful front desk manager out of all the hostels I've been to (which is saying a lot!) I really enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere, the patio, and the group activities like getting together before the pub crawls. Facilities wise: of course the beds are thin and maybe add thicker blankets for comfort. Otherwise, one of the best stays yet! *** Highly recommend ***

Riad Verus

Fez, Morocco

Great hostel stay, beautiful decor, nice staff; Music played loudly until midnight was strange because even if it was like a "party hostel" they were really strict on guests and policies (unlike other hostels ive stayed in). One suggestion would be allowing outside guests in the common room, especially if under supervision, and playing the music low enough so people can talk but still enjoy the atmosphere; overall great stay and the owner was really cool