Reviews: Anonymous

Stay on Main

Los Angeles, USA

Went to a red carpet event in Downtown LA. It was cheap, the breakfast was good, and it had easy access to the airport. (Book the super shuttle in advanced for a round trip and it takes you straight to the hostel from the airport for really cheap!)

Corner Hostel

Berlin, Germany

1st, they did not issue a reciet and tried to over charge me from what the remaining balance on my email was. I was charged €35 instead of €21, and they only refunded €11. 2nd, security was very poor. I returned at 4 am. There is 24 hr reception, but nobody at the desk to see who was coming in. They did not issue a key for the room or building, so theoretically, anybody could have come in. Overall, decent quality for what I paid for. Shower facilities were good and hostel was clean.

Dover Castle Hostel and Bar

London, England

I did not like low pressure the shower was. It hardly sprayed water, and would shut off after about 45 seconds. Had to go through 10-12 rounds of turning it on and waiting for it to turn off before the water was lukewarm enough to use. The bed was comfy though and the facilities seemed clean. I liked the atmosphere, but if you want a quiet place to sleep, this is not the place. The bar downstairs is very loud. Excellent place to meet people though! I would not stay here again tho bcz the shower