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Mountain Peace Guest House

Kathmandu, Nepal

I was very disappointed with this hotel. It's on the outskirts of Thamel and hard to find. There's no common area and no way to meet fellow travellers. Breakfast is not included. The room was a bit run down and some lights and power points were dodgy. The staff were fairly indifferent and not really friendly. WiFi was patchy. Overall, it wasn't worth the money. After the hassle of walking around Thamel, you need somewhere quiet and welcoming to unwind and this isn't it. You can do better

Joey's Hostel

New Delhi, India

This place is pretty great. It's well designed and decorated, very close to a metro station and street food vendors and the staff are awesome. It feels like a big share house, including the uncleanliness and lack of maintenance. The bathrooms needed a good clean and several toilets and lights weren't working. It could also be quieter, especially at night. Overall though, a great hostel

Zostel Agra

Agra, India

It's a bit rough around the edges but otherwise this is a pretty good hostel. The bathroom floor was always wet and there were heaps of mosquitoes, but these are minor issues. The tuk tuk drivers out the front of the hostel are dodgy should be regulated

Zostel Jaipur Hostel

Jaipur, India

This place is pretty good. Big breakfast, large common rooms, good showers, well renovated. The only issues I found were small: some toilets didn't have paper and some sinks lacked soap. The biggest annoyance was the lack of doorknobs, it sounds strange but it meant that your door was either wide open, or locked shut. You wouldn't think that doorknobs would ever be an issue, but they are

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Hey Thank you for giving us such a lovely review and rating. Thank you for pointing out the issues and be assured we have taken care of them. It was a pleasure having you over and we would love to have you over again! Cheers Zostel

Travellers Inn

Mumbai, India

Other than location and free breakfast, this place doesn't have much going for it. The staff weren't very interested in helping me, the beds were full of springs, there's no hot water and the shower was a joke.

Lanka Hostels Colombo

Colombo, Sri Lanka

A very relaxed hostel, I felt very comfortable just hanging out in the common room. The staff are nice and friendly. It is at least forty minutes from the city centre, but it seems all the other hostels are in Mount Lavinia, so it's closer than them at least. Everything is well renovated except the bathrooms.

Red Lollipop Hostel

Chennai, India

Not a great hostel, but certainly not a bad one. It was just really basic and lacked anything special. At least there was air-conditioning

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Thank you for the review. Sale of liquor is banned in Chennai hostels and hence we could not make activities.

Urban Pack

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

It's small. That's probably to most noticeable thing about the Urban Pack. That said, they make fairly good use of the space. It lacks a kitchen and the common room is more of a nook but the bathroom, computer and coffee area are great. The beds are small but still comfortable (I'm 196cm) and they lack anywhere to put your small belongings. My biggest complaint was that it was hard to sleep with so many people going in and out of such a small room and it was still noisy late at night.


It's an alright hostel but it's not great. It's in a fairly good location with access to Nanjing Road, the Bund and a lot of street food. The beds and showers are decent but it's a typical party hostel so it's crowded and noisy. Sleeping wasn't easy as the reception played (rather terrible) music until 1am. There's no kitchen and the computers they provided are slow and just plain difficult. It wasn't a terrible hostel, but you could probably do better


Nice hostel, it's set in a traditional Chinese courtyard and is rather lovely. It's nice and clean, the rooms were spacious and the beds comfortable. It's not very close to the usual sights so I had to do a bit of walking, though Beijing is huge so it's hard to walk around anyway. I took the Great Wall tour they organised and was glad I did. They were able to sort out a train ticket for me and charged less than a travel agent. Overall, it was nice, just not amazing.

Vagabond Hostel

Moscow, Russia

This hostel was pretty good. It's by no means fancy; it's cramped and the bathroom is a bit of a joke but the atmosphere is great and I couldn't help but join in on everyone's merryment. The staff were very friendly and I felt like I was being welcomed into their home. The shower is small and not exactly private. The hostel is missing some of the little things that make a stay better but in the end I didn't mind that much because it felt good to be there

Soul Kitchen

St Petersburg, Russia

This hostel was great. The staff were lovely and welcoming, the beds are huge and comfy, the rooms are nice and private, the bathrooms and kitchen are enormous and there's two common rooms to hang out in. I stayed in the off season so the smaller number of guests made it easy to meet people and feel at home. I normally prefer smaller hostels but I would definitely recommend the Soul Kitchen Hostel


This place is great. It's modern, clean and the staff are wonderful. It is nicely decorated and the whole hostel is centred around the common room. I found it very easy to meet other travellers and felt comfortable there. This isn't a party hostel, which suited me quite well, I found I could just relax and not be pressured into a pub crawl or drinking game. I met some great people here too, which made it easier to be travelling on my own. Overall, I would recommend Cinnamon Sally's

Jimmy Jumps House/Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

I would describe this hostel as adequate but not amazing. It's in a great spot just off the main square and the staff are friendly but the place is a bit cramped and run down. I noticed a lot of things broken that could have easily been fixed, like lightbulbs and shower heads. Overall, it wasn't a very pleasant stay, but it was alright

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Thanks for your input! I would hardly describe the place as run down, however there are some things around here that have been so used by the good times that they need replacing and we really appreciate getting a review like this that motivates us to refresh it all for 2015, so thats the mission for the now! Safe travels and be well!

Warsaw Downtown Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

This is possibly the best hostel I've ever stayed in. The place is clean and nicely renovated and the staff are lovely. On my first night there, they put on a traditional dinner which was a great introduction to the other guests. This is the first hostel that I have really felt at home and been comfortable around everyone. It's not a party hostel so it was easy to rest after weeks of travelling. The ensuite in the room was great too. I would definitely recommend The Warsaw Downtown Hostel

PLUS Berlin

Berlin, Germany

This place was great. It's like a hotel but much cheaper. The rooms are big and have an ensuite, there's plenty of places to relax and the whole building is clean and nicely renovated. My only complaint is that the wifi was a bit patchy in my room. It's a bit of a party hostel but it's still good if you're not into clubbing. I would definitely recommend PLUS Berlin.

HI Hostel Bruegel Brussels

Brussels, Belgium

This may be the worst hostel I've ever stayed in. Other than there being a bed, warmth, helpful staff and free breakfast, there was not much to like. There is no common room or kitchen, the bathrooms are small, mouldy and rusty, the wifi is terrible and patchy and the whole place is a bit run down. In short, it's missing basic facilities and needs a good clean up. It's not the worst hostel in the world, but you can do better

Smile Society

Bangkok, Thailand

It's a fairly nice hostel, clean and newly renovated. The room was big enough, with good lockers and massive beds. The breakfast is great. When I was there they were still doing some renovations so the whole place was a bit cluttered, but I assume that it will be sorted out soon. The staff and friendly and knowledgeable. My only complaint is that whilst the keycard system is very secure, it's also very frustrating as you need the card to use anything or go anywhere

BackHome Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It is the best hostel I have stayed in. The rooms are massive and the beds are spacious with handy compartments and power points at one end. Having a basin in each room made life much easier, as did the big lockers. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. The facilities are great, especially the movie and common rooms. The showers could be tad cleaner and better lit, but my only real complaint is the time it took for for the hot water system to activate. I would definitely stay again

Green Kiwi Backpacker Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

The staff were the best thing about this hostel, they were friendly and helpful. The breakfast was good too. The location isn't great, but it's still close enough to walk to most places. The room was tiny and provided nowhere to store luggage. The bed was small and uncomfortable. The bathrooms always smelled a bit and weren't maintained very well, but it was adequate. I would define this place as a typical youth hostel. It's nothing special, but it's alright.