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Hostelle - Female Only Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

From airport take train to Centraal station. Hop on metro (54 Gein), get off at Bijlmer ArenA stop. Go down escalator and exit building straight ahead. Go out what seems to be the back way and veer to the left along the outside of the building ahead. Zig right along bldg, go up an incline, continue walking until you see a yellow sign indicating the address. Follow the 2 in the address and you should find the hostell. There is a circular, staircase involved. We purchased a 3 day metro pass.

Lagan Backpackers

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Really enjoyed our time at Lagan. The staff and other travelers were great to talk with. Breakfast was awesome. A great way to start the day. Not the cleanest place I've stayed but okay for a few days. But Belfast is also a little rough around the edges for my taste. Cheap dinner is also available is you're too lazy/tired to find food on your own.


Galway, Ireland

The facility and staff are great. There wasn't a lot of interaction with the other travelers as there seemed to be many groups that stuck to themselves. There are free towels which is nice. The free breakfast is bread, jam and fruit cocktail. Nice but I was a little disappointed. I would stay again, for sure.

Ashfield Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Space was tight in bathroom and shower of my private double. Glad I'm not overweight. Location great, staff friendly, other travelers kept to themselves. Free breakfast was a great way to start the day. I would stay again.