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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 23

It's a bit expensive, but everything in London seems to be. The only real complaint I can give this hostel is that it's a bit out of the way, which with a metro pass isn't even that much of a problem. Otherwise, it has tons of facilities and amenities, which were all quite good. I would definitely recommend it.


Athens, Greece

An absolutely amazing location, right by quite a few sightseeing stops. The hostel was decent itself. It's clean enough, but the bathrooms and the quality of the linens/towels were a bit lacking.

Hostel Des Artistes

Rome, Italy

It's a small walk to get into the heart of the city, but not enough to really necessitate using the nearby metro unless you really want to. The hostel rooms are very clean, and the staff is friendly, though those at the front desk seemed a bit overworked. The bathrooms weren't terrible, but I've been in better. They do offer breakfast, but it's expensive.


The room we were in itself was great, but everything else was average. The collateral for the room key was very expensive, and the bathroom was not very pleasant. Also, they do /not/ have 24-hr reception, which was a problem for us twice.

360 Hostel Centro

Madrid, Spain

Fantastic location, and the staff were very nice. The rooms, bathrooms, and beds themselves were only alright, but for the price, I didn't really care. They had a lot of activities at night, though, which led to it being annoyingly loud for a couple of hours, but if you're more social it probably won't be a problem.


Walking-wise, it's a bit out of the way, but it's right next to a major metro stop so if you're willing to shell out for tickets, it's not that bad. The rooms and bathrooms were really clean (definitely the cleanest hostel bathroom I've been in), and each bed comes with an under-bunk locker (you'll need your own padlock), a shelf, light, and a couple of outlets. The breakfast was incredibly good, and they had a bunch of facilities in the basement. Extra amenities were a bit expensive, though.

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It's a convenient location in terms of transport around Paris and most other european countries that's for sure, walking distance it's great for montmatre, le marais and the sacre coeur. We're very happy that you took full advantage of the great free breakfast. Thank you for all your kind words, we hope you'll come back in the future. St Christopher's Inn GDN