Reviews: Anonymous

Pura Vida Hostel Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nice location, nice building. The front desk staff could definitely be friendlier though. They're not friendly and not really clear about a lot of things. They even cancelled our tours a couple of times (last minute) and then told us about it with attitude. The doorbell is somewhat hidden & they won't buzz you in until you figure it out (even though they can see you on camera). Overall though, I think I would stay there again because of the location and the bar staff.

LimeTime Hostels – Rio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This hostel has pushed itself beyond its limits for the World Cup demand. The water was out before we went to bed and it went out again while I was in the middle of a shower! I went to a different bathroom and found the same problem (and a dude struggling w/ toothpaste all over his face). Also, the breakfast was the worst one that I've ever seen (cereal and no milk!). Don't stay here if you don't have to. Only plus is that the staff was friendly.