Reviews: Anonymous

Istiklal Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Except for the 5 storey climb to the main reception this is a hostel with great location, fantastic host, Dugan - hope I spelt the name right :P and awesome breakfast. Its ideal for a backpacker or a group of friends. Dugan was a great guy, very helpful and understanding. Ask him and he tells you what you wanna know :) There is shops, food, tramway and everything close by..even the must see mosques and palace is just minutes away.


Athens, Greece

I stayed here for just one day. Good location close to Monastraki station. Easy access to the Acropolis and other ruins. Buy the 4 day 12 Euro pass and you can see 7 of these sights (all close by) including the Acropolis within 72 hrs. Good deal. Room was okay, no safety locker and toilets tho clean - some were very cold (due to winter) and one had the seat broken :( Shower too had a broken rack to hang clothes :( They have some restoration work being done so come summer maybe things are fixed