Reviews: Anonymous


Kinda pricey but the staff was really friendly. Located just down the street from Termini station, but kind of far from the rest of the sites. Pretty easy to take the metro, though. Cleaning service stole my towel (guess that's what I get for having an all white, nondescript towel), but I told the guy at the front desk, and he gave me a clean one to use and helped me to get mine back.

B&B Gallery

Pompei, Italy

It was wonderful staying here. The couple that owned it were very nice. I was by myself, but because there was no option for one person to stay I had to book for two. When I turned up alone, they asked another solo guest to share with me and reduced the price. It's located in the new town of Pompeii and is very close to the ruins, but while one of the train stations is just down the street, the other is on the opposite side of the city, so make sure you know where you're going to end up.

Hostel Rosemary

Prague, Czech Republic

Absolutely loved it here! Would definitely stay here again. Was very close to Wenceslas Square and other sights, friendly staff, multiple keys for outside door, a gated inner door, and your room, so very safe. Wifi was good and rooms were cleaned every day. Full kitchen and bathroom in the eight-bed room I stayed in, and very inexpensive.


Great location, especially for the price. Walked to The Globe Theatre in 10 minutes and easily walked to Parliament and Westminster Abbey as well. Was very clean on the day I arrived, but was getting fairly dirty by the time I left (three nights/four days later). Understandable, though, given that there are 12 people to a room. If you're tall, be aware that the bottom bunks may be inconvenient for you. I'm very short, and I hit my head a couple of times when I sat up too quickly.