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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 22

Diamond B&B

Rome, Italy

Best value in Rome: free pasta dinner nightly and the €2 breakfast was always a good deal. Staff was also top-notch, very friendly guys who were always helpful. That said, the facilities and cleanliness were not quite up to par - the only common area was a small kitchen, and the two toilets were often not enough. Bathrooms were cleaned daily, but not often enough. I didn't like the lockout policy, but the hostel was in a good sightseeing location. Overall I enjoyed my stay, would come back.


Only stayed here for one night, but it was nice and clean. Staff was accommodating, but not all of them were very friendly. Location isn't my favorite part of Rome, but it's next to the central train station which is convenient, and it's not far from some major sights like the colosseum. The hostel was very quiet (no atmosphere to speak of) but if you're looking for good facilities and cleanliness, this is a good bet.

Equity Point Lisboa

Lisbon, Portugal

The best! Nearly a perfect hostel, among my favorites of all time. The facilities and freebies are unreal, they had a great lounge, cinema room, breakfast area, bar with happy hour, and multiple outside terraces and a balcony with amazing city views. Free breakfast was excellent, free bread and fruit all day, 24 hour bike rentals for free. Bathrooms and kitchen were amazingly clean and super modern. I made so many friends here, had a fantastic time. And so affordable!

La Posada de Huertas

Madrid, Spain

The location is great and I was impressed by how clean everything was kept, particularly the bathrooms. That said, the wifi was pretty awful, only working in the very small common area, and the "free breakfast" was just cornflakes and toast. Better than nothing though, and a good value for weekdays (price is much higher on weekends). Atmosphere wasn't great, but it's definitely a party hostel if that's what you're into. Another plus is very good room security.

Travel Joy Hostels Chelsea

London, England

Good value overall because of benefits like free drinks, breakfast, linens, and towel. Breakfast service was excellent, with free pancakes and omelettes made to order, and a great bar/lounge area with food and beers all day. Security was good except the lockers, which only work with specific padlocks. Staff was very helpful and accommodating, and I liked the location. Cleanliness was good except an awful smell in our room the first night, which later went away (rooms were very crowded).

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Thank you very much for your feedback ! Delighted you liked our staff and our wonderful location too! We are very glad you could make out the most of our free continental breakfast and our variety of soft drinks available for guests! We hope you will decide to visit us again if you come back to London!


Barnacles was a really excellent hostel, with all the amenities including a decent free breakfast. Cleanliness was among the best I've seen at any hostel, and the staff (shoutout to Rebecca) was the most helpful ever. Also can't beat the location, unbelievably central in both Galway and Dublin. Only complaints are that the bed was one of the most uncomfortable I've slept in, really messed up my back the following morning, and also that the shower was not adjustable (but still warm enough).

Bedwood Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

I love Bedwood hostel! Definitely one of the best I've ever stayed in. The location is perfect, could not be more central, and it's super clean with great facilities. Each bed has its own locker, light, curtain, and power outlets, and there's a community kitchen, bar, and lounge area with a great atmosphere. But by far the best part is the staff, they always went out of their way to help and were super friendly/nice. If rooms could lock, this would be the ideal hostel. I absolutely recommend it.

Amigo Hostel Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pretty basic hostel, not too shabby but nothing really set it apart. It wasn't the cleanest and nobody obeyed the smoking rule in front, but they had a pretty nice little lounge area in the lobby. Keycard access was nice, but they charge a 10 euro security deposit for it, which is ridiculous. Worse yet, the "24-hour reception" was closed the morning I left, so I never got it back... Still, the staff was helpful enough overall, just not particularly friendly.

Boomerang Hostel

Antwerp, Belgium

First of all, this place needs some SIGNAGE. I got lost trying to find it for over an hour, and realized I had walked right by it three times! The only indicator it exists is a tiny faded sign inset in a door frame... Even after checking in I walked past it a few times trying to get back. There's also no security to speak of other than lockers, any hobo could walk in to your bedroom. The place was not kept very clean, but staff was nice (probably high), and breakfast was a good value.

Youth Hostel Van Gogh (Chab)

Brussels, Belgium

Overall, a very good hostel and atmosphere. Everything was new and functional, pretty clean. Free breakfast had lots of options. Rooms had no lockers though. Also, getting to the bathroom required going outside, & toilets were in a different part of the building from the showers. Pros/Cons: + awesome bar + good variety of facilities + keycard access + linens included + very good free breakfast - no lockers in room - inconvenient bathroom situation - outlets were in odd places or didn't work

Hostel Split Wine Garden

Split, Croatia

The keys did not seem to work on the locker boxes (many of which were broken). Also, I felt the hostel as a whole was not very secure with the reception room left unlocked and unattended at night

Hostel Baccarat

Nice, France

No customer comment

Mavi Guesthouse

Istanbul, Turkey

Best location possible, with a view of Hagia Sophia and the sea from the rooftop terrace and certain rooms. The staff is very friendly and helpful, as well as hospitable and flexible. The large dorm was extremely crowded, but the smaller rooms were much better (you get what you pay for). Wifi worked well but didn't reach some areas upstairs, and the free breakfast was one of the best I've had.

Aristoteles Hotel

Athens, Greece

It's a nice hotel, with very friendly staff and good accommodations. It's not in the nicest part of town, but it's decently close to all the important stuff, so it wasn't a problem walking anywhere. We paid a little more than we would for a hostel, but it was extremely cheap for a hotel, and well worth it for such a nice private room.

Florida Hostel & Hotel

Sorrento, Italy

An excellent hostel overall, the best asset being the customer service. My friend and I got stranded and missed our checkin, had to pull an all-nighter, and didn't arrive until 8am the next day, but they still let us check in and not only that, let us stay late so we could get a few hours sleep. Other than that, it's a very nice place, pretty much hotel quality, and is well within comfortable walking distance of the city center.

Paddy's Palace Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

One of the worst hostels I've stayed at... When I say cold showers, I mean ICE. As far as security goes, they just have a camera so the person at the desk can let you in remotely, which usually took a few tries. Rooms are in a separate building with no wifi, staff was rude and liked to roam around public areas like the kitchen yelling at people (although the ladies at the front desk were kind enough). It wasn't even that cheap, I only stayed here for the bus tour, which was pretty decent.

Czech Inn

Prague, Czech Republic

Best hostel I have ever stayed in. It was honestly more like a hotel, with lots of rooms and bathrooms, keycard access, large, secure lockers, and an excellent lounge and basement bar. The whole place is very modern, kept extremely clean, and had more comfortable beds than any other place I've stayed. It's a bit outside the city center, but is right by a direct tram, so it wasn't a problem. I can't recommend this place enough, I'd go back to Prague just to stay here.

Maxim Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

It's a nice place to stay, cheap and fairly spacious. Most important is the staff, which is truly outstanding. George is friendly and helpful, and works very hard to keep the place running and please his customers. He was extremely accommodating, and provided great customer service by providing me another place to stay when I brought up a cleanliness concern, which he also began resolving right away. My stay had a couple issues, but George went above and beyond making it right.