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Loved it. I stayed at ivanhke for three nights prior to the stay at alessandro. Both at same price. I was thinking "what a waste money at ivanhoe" Good staff. Clean. Safe. but its a bit of walk from termini station.. and its north of it so it is one shortcoming. but if you are willing to spend just extra 5 min walking.. just book the room at alessandro. you will like it

Ivanhoe Hostel

Rome, Italy

Probably good for those who look for new college people to meet.But definitely this is not for someone who want to have a nice vacation break. Very very loud aisle but thank god they stop playing the music at about 11 am. but still, you want to have a relaxing day or night, it can be a disaster. Toilet, room, bed, floor of the room..there was nothing that was clean for me to be using without worrying about thr hygene. Very small locker. And there were three lockers for 6 people. lost an adapter