Reviews: Anonymous

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

I stayed in the 21 dorm. Which I can not in good faith recommend to anyone. The door to the dorm does not lock, and it would be possible for some one to walk in off the street down to the room without passing the reception desk. There are also no lockers in the 21 dorm. The dorms were mostly clean but there were some very dusty corners. All other reviews of breakfast are highly exaggerated. The location is great.

Equity Point Centric

Barcelona, Spain

this is a great hostel. the location is great. i was worride about some of the other comments about the staff not being friendly but this was not my experiecne at all. the staff were very friendly and helpful. it is true that you have to pay for a blanket but the rooms have heat and air conditioning so it is not so bad. as a general tip i would sugest gettng a metro pass. most places you would want to go are only about two stops from the hotel. i would highly recomend this hostel.