Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 25

First off, the person who checked me in did something funky. She ended up booking and charging me for a 3 nights stay when I had only needed 2. She also would not refund me the extra nights stay. Staff was kinda mean. For instance, the girl who worked at the bar was very rude to everyone. You could tell she was annoyed that people were at the bar. The building itself is really pretty. I wish the hostel itself made the environment more social by encouraging activities between guests though.

Chillout Hostel Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

Great directions to the location! Super easy. I loved the quotes on the walls all around the hostel. The hangout/restaurant area is a little awkwardly situated because the tables are situated so closely together. They made my horrible day better because I had been hiking with wet clothes because the previous hostel I stayed at had a broken dryer. They re-did it for me and folded my laundry for me. It was so sweet of them. Great location as it is right in downtown Zagreb. Great staff too!


Split, Croatia

It's far but the fact that the backyard is the ocean means all you wanna do is relaxing. However impossible to travel back to after partying for a night. Kitchen was great. They didn't tell me the dryer broke after they washed my clothes and it didn't dry, meaning I had to backpack with wet clothes. That was the worst experience ever. So I have medicore feelings about it.

Generator Venice

Venice, Italy

When I went to order food from the place, the lady took forever to take my order, complete it x and ring it. On top of it she burnt it and I had to wait for another. Very unprofessional. I did like the location because you can see St Mark's Square from some of the rooms!

Casa Gracia Barcelona Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

The staff was amazing, they were so helpful. They gave me a map and circled places to go see and local places to eat. The building was beautiful too. One of a kind. I did wish the beds were more private though. I would have preferred bunk beds with curtains than what they set up.


Great location and staff. Liked that there was a bar downstairs. Did not like that bathrooms were either very muggy or wet. Also I think they need to install shelves in the showers because I had no place to put my soap and stuff.