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Bounce Sydney

Sydney, Australia

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The fee is high, but the service is normal, breakfast, lunch and dinner is free, because they already include in the room fee, but they are so bad, it is really not good! Miaim is a good city, I will go to Miaim again, but I will choose another hostel or hotel!

Luna's Castle Hostel

Panama City, Panama

Really noisy for every night, if you like party, it is very goog, if not, it will be the hell!

U Hostels

Madrid, Spain

It is really good hostel, I will visit it again. Even I was stolen the money in the room, but it is my fault, I need to be more careful!

The Silk Road

Venice, Italy

There is the supermarket near by the hostel, it is good, you can save much money to buy what you want!


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Equity Point London

London, England

It doesn't have free WiFi, I don't like it! I will choose another hostel in London.

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The staff is very nice, I really like it!