Reviews: Anonymous

Samay Hostel Sevilla

Seville, Spain

The first guy who checked me in, (wearing a T shirt with the band Brand New and glasses and was British, I forgot his name but I hope that helps) was extremely friendly and very helpful in terms of what to see and do. The girl who was supposed to be running the 24 hour check out was hanging out with her friends in the kitchen when I tried to check out at 5AM. But in general they're a very nice group. If there was air conditioning it was not working. Old building but good Wifi and location.

Hotel du Petit Louvre

Paris, France

We only had one outlet in the entire room which was kind of a pain. There is rarely anyone at the front desk, plus they once didn't ask for ID when we asked for our key so we could have been anyone off the street. But overall they were very nice and friendly. Very close to everything as well, and the neighborhood is not sketchy at all.

Astor Queensway

London, England

There are no quiet hours and since our room was next to the front desk we could here the desk worker.guests talking until 4AM. Breakfast is only toast, hot drinks and cereal but that was fine with us. Extremely friendly staff, very clean, very accommodating to our needs. 3 minutes away from an Underground stop. I would pay a lot more for this place than we were charged!