Reviews: Anonymous


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Had a great stay at Ecomama. Loved the staff and vibe of the people here. The common room is great to meet others, especially when traveling alone. Also, the connection to the nice coffee house was convenient and delicious. The hostel ofte provided traditional candies, maps, suggestions, entertainment material, and more. Would definitely recommend.

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

This was the best hostel I've stayed in yet in Europe. Great vibe, great ammenities, great people!

Archi Rossi Hostel

Florence, Italy

I had a great time at this hostel. The facilities were exactly what I needed. The lockers that they provide you with are spacious and fit all of your stuff, unlike many hostels. They also come with a lock. Every single bed has a light and a plug beside it, which was an added plus! Breakfast is also provided, which is a big plus for travelers. I would recommend this hostel to anyone staying in Florence.


This hostel was an okay place to spend a few days in. It was relatively nice and pretty indicative of a normal hosteling experience. However, THE WIFI IS TERRIBLE. It hardly works at all. This was horrible for our trip because it made us unable to look up directions, plan what we wanted to do, and contact other people. It didn't work at all and the hostel employees were not very helpful in remedying the situation at all. However, they were helpful in getting around the city.