Reviews: Anonymous

Bernina Hotel

Milan, Italy

Our room was located right next to elevator bank which was extremely loud, we found a small spider on our bed when we first walked in and there was construction going on at 7 A.M. the following morning in the staircase next to our room. Luckily, we were leaving early for a flight but was definitely not ideal either way and they charged $5 for Wi-Fi PER DEVICE, PER ROOM when bars and restaurants offer it for free.


Cinque Terre, Italy

The only complaint I have is that the bar downstairs is extremely loud at night.


The room and location were great, would just have preferred a private bathroom rather than a shared bathroom.

Hotel Savoia

Sorrento, Italy

Breakfast was delicious, the room was really nice and had a terrace. The cute hotel dog was a plus too!

Bavaria B&B

Rome, Italy

We were moved from our original hostel to one that was further from the center of town, but the host's were great and it was nice having a private bathroom. Only complaint is the loud garbage trucks in the morning.

Ca' Barbaria

Venice, Italy

Our room was very spacious and beautiful as we had a terrace overlooking Venice. We were greeted with espresso and cookies to enjoy on our terrace before we went out. Only complaint is that I would have preferred a private bathroom, but we wish we could have stayed more than one night!