Reviews: ROYDOM

Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 30

The Magic Wave

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Very friendly and helpful staff, and the owners are super awesome! Guests are welcomed to use facilities at both Hard Road Villa & Cafe. Staff goes out of their way to help us resolve a DVD issue in our rooms which is super impressive. Facilities may be a little run down, but it seem like they are slowly doing a lot of maintenance work so it wouldn't be a big issue for long. Our group got free upgrade to the biggest room they have for the same price for a dorm. highly Recommended!!!

ETZzz Hostel Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

A little far from the "backpackers area" in Khao San Rd. Hostel itself is very clean, and staff are super helpful and are always trying to take care of you. Generally enjoyable stay other than the location being slightly further away from many of the big tourist stuff.

Lovely Jubbly Place

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

One of the best hostels I have stayed at throughout the course of my 2.5 months trip. Clean, organized, friendly and very helpful staff, live music on weekends, pool table etc. Some times the hot water on 2nd floor may not work so well but that's a small problem for Phnom Penh. Owner (Ricky) and staff are amazing, especially KIM CHEA from front desk. All in all very enjoyable stay and definitely great for value and will make you feel safe in Phnom Penh.

Budget Hostel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Generally a nice little budget place to crash at. If comfort is a HIGH priority then this might not be your number 1 choice. But if you are flexible and easy going, this hostel offers a good place for your budget. Getting down to it Pro: nice staff, cheap tours, location is pretty descent, price is great. Con: breakfast is simple, not hot water (not cold, and it's hot in HCMC so it's ok), no towels, not spotless. I would still recommend it unless you are super particular about ur accommadation.

Dalat Family

Da Lat, Vietnam

If you are planning to visit the CRAZY HOUSE of DaLat, all you need to do is stay at this place. The owner (MAMA), her daughter, and her staff are super crazy & friendly people that will make you laugh 24/7. Facilities are still undergoing improvements but this venue has created A LOT of conversations even up in Hanoi for a place opened merely 5 months. I have always been a service/ppl person more than comfort, and if you are looking for a great atmosphere to rmb DaLat no more!

HQ Cafe

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Really got nothing bad at all to say about HQ. Clean, staff were nice, location is great, lockers are huge, provide city map for you, big jug of 20L water for its guests as long as you have a bottle to fill it into, breakfast included. I actually didn't have a locker because that particular one was broken the day I arrived, but even so the staff offered to store my valuables at the front. Definitely recommend.

Green Field Hotel

Hoi An, Vietnam

So to clarify what's been said on other reviews against my own experience: 1) There are deposit boxes in the dorm rooms to store valuables 2) yes there is a hole in the dorm washroom but it flows down to another drain on the other side. 3) room does smell funny sometimes but it's other traveler's etiquette too. It is actually a HOTEL so facilities are well equipped. Beware that despite Hoi An hotels saying they will pick you up from bus stops. NONE OF THEM DO! My stay was pleasant & staff =nice.

Hue Amazing HomeStay

Hue, Vietnam

Neat little home. The owners are very welcoming and nice. The staff that works there, Hanh, is a really sweet girl, she gave me plenty suggestions on what to eat, what to see, and where to find them. Beds are clean and comfortable for the most part. Washroom was a little small but manageable. Had a very pleasant stay and would definitely recommend. Baby is a little chatty at times but he will grow up soon enough and it won't be a problem!

Little Hanoi Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

Unless u r traveling for luxurious comfort (in which case you won't stay at a hostel anyway),stayin at LITTLE HANOI HOSTEL 1 is not even an option,but a MUST! Always tidy,comfortable,24/7 complimentary coffee/tea/fruits for its guests, as well breakfast in morning. Anything it lacks at all it makes up in SERVICE. Staff is really helpful & will help u arrange anything you need from bus tickets-tours-purchasin advice. DavidLuong Bui at reception is just amazin and now a friend! My Home in Hanoi!