Reviews: Anonymous

Rodamon Barcelona Centre

Barcelona, Spain

Very nice hostel! The rooms were nice and the curtains around the beds were a great addition! The only problem I had was with the Wi-Fi not working in my room, but it worked fine elsewhere. The bathrooms are nice and clean, and the location is great.

Rest Up London

London, England

I mostly enjoyed my time at this hostel, and it was pretty nice-- but there were some issues. The Wi-Fi was really spotty and slow, the bathroom in our room wouldn't flush and was never fixed, yet another toilet I used wouldn't flush either, and then at one point all of the power outlets in our room + rooms near us stopped working. It was just a little frustrating for so many things to be broken/not-working in such a short amount of time. The location is alright but a little out of the way

Giovanni's Home

Naples, Italy

Giovanni's Home is definitely the place to stay in Naples! Giovanni is SO nice and helpful-- he gives you all kinds of useful information, tells you how to get discounts, and even cooks for you sometimes. The facilities are great and I met some really cool people. If you're going to Naples, stay here. Trust me. Giovanni makes you feel very "at-home" and comfortable. It's like staying with a nice relative.