Reviews: Anonymous

Location: England, Age: 46

Friendly, efficient staff, plenty of space in the room, free lockers (byo lock), beds ready made, good number of showers/loos, decent breakfast, free luggage store: all good! The only things I'd really like that were missing are key card room entry, and sturdier bunks with a shelf and curtain per bunk. Also, as there isn't a common area apart from the bar below atmosphere isn't great. It did seem to mean the rooms were quieter though, so better for actual sleeping. I'd definitely stay again.

Banghoek Place

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Bright, modern, and airy, a pleasant place to stay. Security seemed good, with keycoded gates, locks on bedroom doors etc., but no in-room lockers. When I visited it didn't seem that busy so there wasn't any atmosphere. I guess that with the right people though it could warm up a bit.

Karoo Backpackers

Beaufort West, South Africa

Don't know how good the location is for shops, buses etc., but on main road though, so some noise at night. Secure parking is offered over road at ZAR40. Bed was comfy, good size and nice to have a shelf with reading lamp etc., plus decent space in the room. Had only 1 bathroom, which seems insufficient if the place is even moderately busy. Plus 1 cooker, mcirowave, braai. Very clean, perfectly decent, but no atmosphere, and manager left at night.


There are a couple of things that need improving, but I really liked this place! The mattress was old/thin & a bed used the previous night hadn't been tidied, plus the showers (paraffin power!) could do w/lasting more than 3 mins. Fix this, add some lockers & its excellent. Good, help yourself b/fast, relaxed, convenient for NP, real atmosphere. John, Stoffel & the b/packers dogs are v friendly, & Orange Elephant has tasty food, characterful Randy, and a lovely German waitress. Thanks all.

Wild Spirit Lodge

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Disappointed. If you're driving the location, overlooking the forest, is great, but w/o is remote. Bed fine, decent amount of space, large kitchen, nice walks, nice outdoor area. Meals served looked interesting, tasty. But cleanliness is v. poor (mice in kitchen but staff didn't seem too bothered, felt like rooms not cleaned in ages) & feels like a place that used to be honestly hippy but is now a bit pretentious. No door keys, lockers. Nice to meet old hippies though and v friendly gentle dogs.


Highly recommended. It was very quiet when I was there so don't know what its like for meeting other travellers, but the place is really made by the owners, who look after it as a home. So it is clean, cosy, relaxed, friendly. Comfy beds, number of showers/toilets seems about right, help yourself cereals, fruit, bread, eggs breakfast, courtyard, keycode security. Easy, safe walk to waterfront or town. Friendly dog. It is the owners that make it though. Thanks to Carl (Karl?) for all the help.

Ashton House Hostel

Manchester, England

At least one (bright) light was on in the dorm all night. Seems to miss the point about using the room for sleeping. Certainly made my night's sleep a lot worse than it would have been otherwise.

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hello thankyou for your comments, the light that your talking about is an emergency light and it is a condition of our licence that when 28 people are sleeping in 1 room that there needs to be emergency lighting in the event of an emergency. i hope you understand the reason for the light now and we hope to see you again


London, England

Pro: excellent location for visiting the major museums and points west. Con: management/staff seems disorganised and desk often unstaffed. Anyone can pretend to be a guest and get let in. And could be much cleaner in the rooms.

Atlantis Hostel

Krakow, Poland

I really liked this place. Spotlessly clean, lots of space, free lockers, tram outside if you need it, excellent location between the city and Kaz, and (when I was there) no party idiots. The only drawbacks are that: a) if you are visiting Krakow for 1 day only it is a bit far from the train and bus stations; and b) if you have heavy bags you need to know there are several flights of steps. I would definitely stay here again though.

Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

Distinctive place, with nicely designed bedrooms (at least, the one I was in was nicely designed) and bunks with plenty of headroom. Location is nice and central but not noisy Only weakness really is the lack of decent kitchen space, and a smallish, underused communal area (bar aside). But that seems to be par for the course with space being given over to bars and party-ers in Polish hostels. I would definitely stay here again though.


Wouldn't stay here again, even though I met some nice people in the room I stayed in. And almost certainly wouldn't stay at any St Chris again. Character. "You can't mistake the haunting character that time has draped over the walls of the hostel." ?! Who are you kidding?! Its a bog standard keep it cheap patch up. Security. Magnetic card entry and a lockable cage on each bunk, plus CCTV, so above average. But mag cards can easily be skimmed and the cages leave everything on view. Location. Good for tube/train/bus and walking distance for many sights. Staff. "The Staff here seem to go the extra mile…". To be miserable and unhelpful (bar staff excepted, who are OK). These are the reception staff at the main site, as I didn't see anyone at the Southwark site. Fun. With no communcal area at all within the hostel, a big fat zero. Of course, you could go to the St Chris owned bar at the main site where they can get more of your money in return for "fun". Cleanliness. The "bathroom" on the 1st floor is among the worst I have ever seen, anywhere in the world, in many years of backpacking. And easily the worst I have seen in the UK. What else? Don't stay here (at least, not on the 1st floor or at the front) if you like to sleep. The road is busy at all hours, the music from the pub below makes things in the dorms shake until very late, and the mattresses need replacing (feel like maybe 10 years old). Don't stay here if you like to meet people (other than those in your room). Don't stay here if you want to feel welcomed. Do consider staying here if none of this matters and you want to be in this area.

Venture Hostel

London, England

I enjoyed staying here but understand that the description given at Hostelworld is misleading. The reasons I enjoyed staying are the other people who were staying there, and the very relaxed atmosphere. Basically, most of the guests I met were friendly, kind etc, and Yvonne and everyone in the pub downstairs (where you check in) were also friendly and very human. The character is fairly average, as the place is just another keep it low cost conversion job. Security is poor because it is only a 6 character code for the front door and another for your room. There is no reception to get past, and no lockers available. So anyone could stay 1 night to get hold of the codes, then come during the following day(s) - before the codes are changed, which I guess is weekly - and nick anything they wanted from that room and not be traced. The location is good for DLR/tube, and OK for Greenwich, so no problem there. The staff are mixed. Yvonne and her staff in the pub are nice and seem to want to do a good job, but are let down by the short term "managers" (ie backpackers getting a free room) upstairs, who don't answer their phones, don't keep the place clean, and break their own rules (eg smoking). Fun. Yes. Cleanliness really depends on the guests. Usually there is one person who likes cleanliness and cleans up after everyone else. Otherwise, not good. And, as for the claims at Hostelworld ... a) all the rooms are significantly bigger and more spacious than those provided by other hostels in London. Wrong, though they are big enough. b) expansive facilities. Wrong. The communal areas are actually too small for the number of guests. c) 2 brand new fully-equipped kitchens. Sort of. But they are so small that when they are used by people just sitting and chatting/drinking/smoking, there is no space to actually cook. d) new bathrooms (with HOT showers). yes, but they are push button showers where you can't change the temperature or the height. e) the "no smoking" is definitely not enforced. f) the address is wrong. Go to the bar at the purple painted pub on the corner for check in. g) the place is mostly long-termers who, naturally, socialise together. So, as the communal areas are very limited, it could be a lonely place for someone just passing through. I would stay here again because I liked the people and the relaexed feel, and maybe was lucky with who I met, but you could go here and be disappointed and/or lonely.

Residencia Bulls

Madrid, Spain

Very, very cramped rooms, with wobbly beds. When a room is full there are bags all over the place because of the lack of room. Plus, the lockers are only suitable for small items like documents and a camera. Also, smoking is allowed in the kitchen,(which itself would be considered small in a 2 person apartment) so all of the rooms get smoky. Plus, the kitchen is the only communal area, so there is nowhere to relax. Would never use the place again.

Globetrotter Inn London

London, England

Overall, an above average hostel, but still needs work. On the plus side, no dorm has more than 6 beds, they are all light and airy, the beds are comfortable and come with a wonderful privacy curtain, there is a personal locker for everyone, wood and stone floors, there are plenty of showers and toilets, a (very small) gym, dvd room, another tv room, internet room, a bar area, the hostel is just a 5 minute walk from the tube, 10 minutes from supermarkets, and all bar one of the members of staff I met were helpful and friendly. On the minus side, the kitchen is tiny (3 small cookers and 1 sink for 400 beds!!!!!!!! - though they do have 6 or more microwaves), the fridges were full even though the hostel was only half full, there is no soap or hand dryers at the sinks in any of the public bathrooms or the kitchen, at least 1 of the floors has only 1 public sink for the mens bathroom (50 people?), i didn't see the sink in my room cleaned at all, and the hostel is so big and spread out that there is no atmosphere. I've only used YHA St Pancras and YHA Docklands in London before and, location aside, it was better than these. And if they expanded the kitchen and made a central kitchen/dining/lounge area it could be as good as a large hostel gets. Not there yet though.