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Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 30

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

The staff are friendly and speak a variety of languages. Lots of single toilet/shower rooms with good privacy. Each has 2 hand towels. There is a medium sized kitchen with cheap dinners cooked every few nights. There is two large fridges for guests but never much room in them. Also not much room to eat. The beds are all quite comfortable but some of the bunk mattresses are too small for their frames. There is a supermarket close by. Sol is very close. The wifi drops out a bit. Very clean hostel.

Quart Youth Hostel

Valencia, Spain

Good cheap hostel located close to everything in Old Town. Lots of rooms, toilets and showers and a simple gym. No activities or walking tours for guests. Lockers aren't very safe and are very small. Beds are unassigned which creates confusion for staff when changing sheets. Kitchen is small and needs a big fridge put near the breakfast area. Also needs extra pots and pans and mugs. Staff need to supply stickers for labeling food. Good wifi, very clean. Friendly staff.


Very nice hostel. The kitchen has everything including an oven. The toilets and showers are good and the water hot. Hand towels and soap are provided. Towel rental 2€ The beds are fantastic. New, thick with good linen. The lockers are large, secure and out of the way. Plenty of plug-ins/power points. Each bed has its own reading light provided. Wifi is good all over the hostel. Guillem (Sami) is my favorite of the staff. Very hard working and attentive. The rest of the staff are also awesome

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Thanks for your nice review, we feel awesome when we reed something like this! =)

Stazione - Da Zia Elvira

Bologna, Italy

No customer comment

Quart Youth Hostel

Valencia, Spain

This is a very new hostel. They were still renovating the second floor when I was there. It is very clean and well set out. The kitchen is good, but has no oven. There is plenty of space and tables to eat on. A few couches and a tv. The wifi is good and reached everywhere, except in the kitchen. The showers have good pressure and heat, a nice amount of space. It would be better if they provided foot and hand towels. It's on the edge of the city and close enough to most things. Not a party hostel

X Hostel Alicante

Alicante, Spain

Looks a little rundown and gets quite humid inside, but a great hostel. Bedrooms have a nice amount of space, atleast 2 fans in each room. Beds are comfortable, good pillows and lockers. Staff keep the hostel clean, sweep and mop EVERY room DAILY. Plenty of well sized bathrooms with good pressure and water temp. Also have foot and hand towels. The kitchens oven needs updating, gas heated and no thermostat. There is only one computer and you have to pay to print. Terrace, great atmosphere!!

The Cathedral Hostel

Murcia, Spain

Stayed 4 nights. No cancelation policy. No kitchen, only microwave, fridge and kettle. Lots of rules. Only staff allowed to open front door. Strange check-in times (12:00-1400, 17:00-22:00). Sometimes staff go out during the times. No locks on dormrooms. No security cameras. 1 computer. Unsociable staff. Limited free breakfast. Didnt clean the dormrooms at all whilst I was there. No aircon. Rent lockers 1€ per day. Shower/toilet room small with no privacy. No terrace. Don't stay here!


Granada, Spain

Bedrooms are well set out, split rooms containing 4-6 beds. Pillows are great. Mini fridge in room. Air conditioning. Needs more plug-ins. Bathroom a good size, water pressure excellent and heat great. Kitchen isn't very good. No over, limited space. Sink only puts out cold water. No kettle. Not enough plug-ins in kitchen or dining area. None in the common room. No seats for benches. Allocated cooking times. Could be cleaner. Otherwise good location and pleasant enough.

Casa Babylon Backpackers

Malaga, Spain

Not very clean, empty bottles pile up next to the bar all week. No dormroom locks, open to all. Most rooms have a bathroom. Small, flimsy lockers. Wifi is good, but drops out sometimes. Kitchen is good, has an oven. Need more fridge space. Hostel dinners are tastey, but no value for money. You get a single plate with no drink or additional course €8. If you choose to cook, have to wait until after the hostel dinner is cooked. Lots of locals take up the facilities of the hostel (friends of staff)

Triana Backpackers

Seville, Spain

At checkin I wasnt told anything about the hostel or daily events or given a map. I had to ask for sheets for my bed. Hostel is set out well with lots of spacious showers. Shame no foot towels. Kitchen is small and no oven. Bins overflow regularly. Free breakfast is basic but good. Wifi signal drops out and slow. Bedrooms floors arent swept enough, pillows are pathetic and offer no support. Each bed has a plugin and a lamp. Lockers are small. No security cameras and front door open all day

Barbieri Sol Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Narrow staircase up to second floor. Difficult door to open. Only none staff member speaks English. Bag check costs €5 until 11pm. Wifi was alright when it was working. Terrace was a let down and locked at 11pm. Kitchen also, and has almost no bench space, oven doesn't work. Wiring to equipment exposed. Beds were falling apart and upper bunk very close to lower. Showers didn't drain properly and had to hold shower head. Location is good, and easy to find. Staff didn't offer local tips.

Yes! Porto Hostel

Porto, Portugal

The hostel is well set out and quite new, with high quantities of eating utensils. The showers have good space, pressure and heat, but a foot towel would be appreciated. The dorm rooms are great, and huge lockers, but the lighting is poor. The key-bracelet allows you access to everything, but can be imposing if you don't want to wear it. The staff are great, friendly and informative. The wifi is good, but only at reception for half my stay. Hostel dinners were great!

Smart Place Gare du Nord

Paris, France

Check in isn't until 3pm, but check out is 11am. Very small dirty kitchen. Almost no cutlery, bowls, cups or cooking equipment. No storage space for dry food. Wifi is only available on the ground floor. Reception/recreation room is tiny with limited hard chairs. Wifi is slow and gets overwhelmed with more than 3 people connected. Computers have To be rented.Dorm rooms have limited plug-ins and only on one side of the room. Hostel is quite dirty.

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Check in is at 3 check out is at 11 all this is mentioned on our booking conditions, and again on your confirmation. When rooms are ready befor 3 we are more than happy to let people check in, if not we offer free luggage storage. Kitchen is available for any one to use so if you just happened to use the kitchen after another guest, you may have found some dirty dishes in the sink. As far as no cutlery, all you have to do is ask the front desk if you need anything. If you don't ask we can't help

360 Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Loved it here. Great atmosphere, facilities and showers. Great pressure, space and temperature. Wifi throughout the whole hostel. 3 free dinner nights in the week. Lots of space, computers and couches. The staff (Ryan, Harriet, Josephine, matti, Finn and merit were amazing and went out of their way for me. Juan came across as rude and annoyed at both the staff and guests. The kitchen could use an oven. Otherwise this was my favorite hostel to date. Stayed 2 weeks


Rooms are well set out with plenty of space, power-points/plug-ins and large lockers. The room is swept every day. There are showers and toilets on every floor. The showers are large and clean with good pressure. The toilets need more lighting and the locks fixed. The kitchen, top floor, locked after 12am, has lots of bench space, plenty of fridges, freezers, microwaves and toasters. Unfortunately no oven. Wifi is only ever available in reception/ common room. Great location.

Purple Nest Hostel Valencia

Valencia, Spain

Rooms were terrible, only one set of 3 power-points/plug-ins for 8beds. Showers were gross with bad lighting and water temperature. No alcohol allowed in the hostel. Kitchen locked at 12am. No oven available. They rarely sweep the bedrooms. Hostel not close to anything.

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Hello! We are sorry to hear that you weren't happy about our hostel, but we thank you for letting us know all the things you didn't like so we can imporve our installations! :) We don't allow our clients to bring alcohol to our hostel since we have a bar with very cheap prices and activities! We hope our guests will get together there and have a blass with us! Actually our hostal is just in the center and really close to all public transports to go anywhere! Kind regards!

360 Hostel Centro

Madrid, Spain

Great atmosphere and location. Staff go above and beyond. Free breakfast, two free dinners a week. Free towels, fridge space and all other required cooking facilities. Great activities with pubcrawls and free walking tours. This is my favorite hostel so far. I will definitely come back here when next in Madrid. I also look forward to experiencing their Barcelona 360 Centro!!


The staff/owners are very warm and hospitable. All the main furniture is made by the very nice young lady, as well as the food for breakfast. Which is included. The bunks are well spaced, and their matrices and bedding are new, comfortable and warm. The rooms stay dark well into the morning when the shutters are closed. The showers are nice and hot, with consistent pressure. The wifi is strong in all the rooms. I highly recommend it to any one wanting a great location and value for money.