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Belfast, Northern Ireland

Stayed for 4 nights. Great staff and location. This place had a fun vibe and a really awesome group of people. Kitchen was set up really nicely with free tea and coffee, pretty good breakfast. Facilities were clean and tidy, they even have a ping pong table and billiards! The best part though is the people. The common room makes it easy to chat with everyone and has a TV where we watched the world cup games or a movie. Great place to be, highly recommend!

Funky Fes

Fez, Morocco

This is a great place close to the medina, great hostel atmosphere, really fun place to be. There are a few tours with them which are pretty nice. Staff was great, and the food was actually really good, although the price was a little high. Met a lot of interesting people, definately would stay here again.


Large hotel, not much atmosphere and kind of expensive, but the facilities and staff were top notch. Good kitchen and laundry, and they usually have leftover bread for free. Nice place to stay but not really my style of hostel. Kind of loud at night with so many people.

Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt, Germany

One of the best places I have stayed in over 20 hostels. Great helpful multilingual staff. Convenient laundry service. Good clean rooms and showers. A great bar and common area which was an amazing place to get started on pub crawl. Met a lot of awesome travelers along the way from all over, we had a great time. Only place I've seen with free breakfast and dinner, and the pasta dinners were actually really good! Best hostel in Frankfurt, right across the street from the bus and train station.


Cinque Terre, Italy

Not really a hostel, it is an apartment above a bar. No staff, the people that clean up are people that live there I assume for accomodation. Didnt meet anyone else while I was there but the rooms are just a bunch of beds in the living room. It is fairly expensive, but average for Cinque terre. The bar is a fun place to go at night, but I think this place is just supplemental income for the bar. Owner seems pretty nice though.


Only stayed one night but I wish it was more. The staff and hostel were way above what I expected. It has the largest kitchen I have ever seen in a hostel and a nice little bar and amazing outdoor garden sitting area. I cooked some pasta and shared it with a bunch of people and the receptionist, and then we went out for a great night of fun. Good breakfast and super helpful people. Five stars!

Beautiful City Hostel

Paris, France

It is a beautiful clean place with great rooms and facilities. Only thing is there was no stove in the kitchen. Great helpful staff and a pretty good breakfast. The location is fairly close to the Bellville station but the area itself is not so great. Not a small hostel atmosphere, more like a hotel, no common area.

Antares Hostel

Nice, France

Right across the street from the train station, more like a small hotel with none of the facilities. Small rooms and a pretty small bathroom. No atmosphere at all, but there is a good cheap breakfast. Kebab place downstairs is a nice place to eat at night, but its pretty far from everything else.

Hostel Altair

Nice, France

The receptionist was a pretty cool guy until he got really drunk and tried to get with a pregnant girl in the room. Twice. Small rooms, pretty clean but not much atmosphere. There was a fight while I was there and it was pretty awkward. Location is not bad about 10 min walk to beach and old town. There are better places to stay in Nice.

The Hipstel

Barcelona, Spain

Kind of far from everything but it is a nice safe area. The staff was amazing and it was a great mix of young travelers. The common area is a great place to chat and meet people, and the kitchen is small but well equipped. Breakfast is good and the dinner they cook is tasty and pretty cheap. Only bad thing is while i was there somebody pooped in the bathroom. Doors to rooms are falling apart and dont clasp properly but otherwise seems pretty safe. Pub crawl with the staff was great fun.

Living Mad Hostel

Madrid, Spain

The hostel was in a good location and had a great hostel atmosphere but it was a little dirty and under renovation so facilities werent great. Staff was great and the bar had some pretty cheap beer. Gave us some great recommendations to hang out in madrid. They had some ladies night thing at their sister hostel but there were literally no women there. Very awkward for my female friend and I.