Reviews: Anonymous

Bounce Sydney

Sydney, Australia

Big, spacious rooms. Card-activated elevator. Bean bag chairs. The whole place is clean and new. Stay here if you can afford it.


Inexpensive and very friendly, but only stay here if you like playing beer pong with goon, drinking more goon, then going out all night. I don't think I've seen a floor be quite so sticky as in the kitchen every morning.


Strict, 'zero tolerance' rules about alcohol and noise (which you get a copy of at check-in and which are posted), but there is no one there during the night to enforce them. People burst into the room at 4 in the morning throwing a football around. I was dragged out of bed by a drunken fool and nearly got in a fight. I was lucky enough to be moved to a more civilized and friendly room. I would have left immediately but every other hostel was booked the next night. I will not be back.