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Jericoacoara Hostel - TIROL

Jericoacoara, Brazil

The atmosphere in Pousada Tirol is awesome, people are always gathered together, drink together, share meals, it's pretty awesome. Pousada Tirol could be the best Pousada in Jericoacoara, but I think lot's of things should be improved first, like the cleaning of the rooms and especially the shower that was always very dirty, and also a better breakfast as in other Pousada it was a lot better. Overall it's a nice place to stay if you're NOT looking for something quiet

Villa Chic Hostel Pousada Ltda

Jericoacoara, Brazil

Overall, the place is one of the best Pousada's of Jericoacoara. The breakfast is decent, the dorms are clean (the shower is not cleaned up everyday though which is not good) and the safe storage is very useful

Pousada Bangalo

Jericoacoara, Brazil

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