Reviews: Anonymous

London connection LDN

Marseille, France

Strange place. Cheap so you don't get anything extra. Common area closes at 11 i think and then its in a weird neighborhood so you don't really want to go out. Owner was friendly but strangely pushy. My sheets had weird stains and my bed was the worst i have stayed in. But of you want cheap it could be worse.

Ecohostel Andromeda

Gent, Belgium

Off the beaten path but a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Quiet and incredibly comfortable.i was so happy here and i didn't really want to leave. Great place to stay for a little break while traveling but close enough to still do things in the city.


The Hague, Netherlands

New hostel. Clean and awesome decorations! Sometimes the front door was left wide open which i didn't feel was safe. Or people walked in and out using a side for in the kitchen. I never felt unsafe but it was something i noticed. They also had a giant group booking the same time i was they and they basically took over the kitchen at meal times so i had to stay my day later if o wanted to use the kitchen and also eat dinner super late. The staff was amazing though. I think they are still learning

Flying Pig Downtown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great hostel. Would stay here again in the future. Great place to meet people and the staff is full of fun information! I wish breakfast was more than toast and cereal but that was fine, work out ok. I was traveling alone and I met people by just hanging out in the bar area, although the music was a bit loud for conversations sometimes. Great place!