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Hostel Stadion

Helsinki, Finland

Mostly fine, though unfortunate that wifi only worked in the reception area/breakfast room. A bit out of the way from the main center of town, but it was a pleasant walk and plenty of buses/trams were around.

Hostel Turku

Turku, Finland

the hostel was lovely, good kitchen & nice rooms. Lounge area was comfy. It wasn't big, but it was a good place to spend the night.


The common areas were great - bathrooms were huge and very clean. Unfortunately the rooms didn't have real windows, but did have windows into the hallways. There also were only two outlets in the room, not one for each bed. Lights were controlled by a key card, so if the person whose card had been in the slot left the room then all the lights turned out, even individual ones. Still, the common spaces were wonderful and the staff were great. Breakfast buffet was worth the price.


Stockholm, Sweden

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