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Avalon House

Dublin, Ireland

GREAT hostel. stay here. Location is central, free breakfast, staff is helpful, beds are clean. I had a great experience and would highly recommend.


Best hostel ever. STAY HERE. Perfect location (right next to train station, easy walk to beach, next door to grocery store), friendly staff, great people. They even have free drinks most nights at 6, and you meet great people! Only suggestion is to be careful leaving food in the fridge- someone ate mine.

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We are glad you had a great time at our hostel. Remember that we have tags in the reception to label your food.

Ole Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Great location, kind staff, good kitchen, rooms are nice. Only issue is only one bathroom per floor...other than that, had a great stay!

Ole Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Great spot, staff is nice, well-equipped kitchen. Only one bathroom for the whole floor so plan extra time for waiting for other people!

Backpackers Madrid

Madrid, Spain

It's fine if you're on a very tight budget. The staff was not very helpful at all, and most were unfriendly. There was only one bathroom for several dorm rooms, with one shower and one toilet- the wait got rather long sometimes. No real common room. No lockers. However, it's close to Gran Via, so it's in a great spot, and it's nice that the reception is open 24hr.

Antares Hostel

Nice, France

One of the best hostels I've ever stayed at. Got my room upgraded for free, so that was an extra perk! Great location: RIGHT next to the train station, and about 15 minute walk from the beach. Next door to a grocery store. Be warned, though: don't leave your food in the fridge in the kitchen if you can help it. Someone ate my food and left the empty packages! If you're in a dorm they have a refrigerator on the 5th floor, use that. Free drinks and snacks every night, look for signs! STAY HERE.

Camping Rialto

Venice, Italy

Cheap and great. You get a real bed even in a tent, there's running water, the bathrooms are clean, and everyone is really nice. Some bugs but that's to be expected because it's technically camping!

Camping Rialto

Venice, Italy

Camping Rialto is great! You have to keep in mind that it is camping. So if you don't like tents, maybe don't get a tent. But it's close to the main island of Venice (ask bus drivers for the correct stop, they're really friendly), super cheap, the bathrooms are cleaner than some of the hostels I've stayed at! It's a really chill place to hang out in the evening. Unfortunate that wifi costs extra; that was the biggest drawback for me. I recommend though!

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Great hostel. Just wish breakfast was included. Love the free drink, and definitely take advantage of the room with the hammocks and lanterns! It's magical!

Benedict Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Benedict Hostel is in a good spot in the city but is a little tricky to find. The breakfast was free! The security was horrible though. No lockers, no locks on doors, and anyone could just walk into the hostel without being questioned. There was also a strange 60-year-old man walking around who apparently lives there? But that was creepy. Overall, it was fine. It was cheap.

Equity Point Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Loved it! Breakfast was great. Bathrooms could definitely use more cleaning. Overall great hostel!

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

This hostel was absolutely great! Within walking distance of the main attractions. Loved the breakfast! The staff was really nice, everything was clean. Really appreciated the privacy curtains in the 12 bed dorm! Would definitely recommend!

Amsterdam Hostel Uptown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel is in a great location in the middle of Amsterdam! Really nice staff (Connor is cute) and it had a good price and free breakfast. Unfortunately, the room is disgustingly dirty. I was in an 8-bed dorm with an ensuite bathroom and there was a huge layer of dust everywhere. The shower curtain was pink from mold or something. The toilet didn't look like it had ever been cleaned. So, I recommend staying here for one night and just skipping a shower. Definitely bring flip flops!

Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

I loved this hostel! It's got a great location, right by the casemates, and looks magical with all the lights. Free breakfast is always nice! It would be better if the wifi was more reliable: it doesn't work in the rooms and sometimes doesn't work in the downstairs either. They also don't have a kitchen and want you to buy food from the restaurant. However, the staff are really kind and friendly, and the hostel itself is clean and fun! Recommend!

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

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PILOT Design Hostel & Bar

Porto, Portugal

Great hostel- excellent value, bathrooms and rooms are very clean, kind staff, and great security! It's difficult to find but once you know where it is it's not too bad. Thanks for a wonderful stay!


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